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Vágar, Færøerne
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Vágar, Færøerne
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Step right up to explore the jaw dropping winter nature with this amazing four-day tour to the Faroe Islands most well known sights. Your four days will bring you the most sought out natural attractions in the Faroe Islands. This tour is for anyone eager to maximise their Faroe Islands vacation during the Faroese winter when there are almost no other travellers.

Over the span of four days and three nights, you will be taken to cascading waterfalls such as Múlafossur Waterfall, Bøsdalafossur Waterfall, and Fossá Waterfall. You will stand in the middle of remote villages such as Saksun, Tjørnuvík, and Gjógv. Also, you will experience the optical illusion from the lake above the ocean when standing at the Slave Cliff. This trip is filled with natural wonders.

Travel with ease with this winter package tailored for adventurous spirits. Check out your daily itinerary below. You can also add an extra activity to your adventure during the booking process. Over the next days, you will experience an incredible winter holiday in the distant Faroe Islands.

Three nights of accommodation, transport, and two guided tours on your second and third days is included in this package. There is a lunch box included on your day tour on day 2 and on day 3.

You will see some of Faroe island's best-known mountains and lots of charming coastline villages. By booking this tour, you will explore the best of the Faroe Island's natural delights. 

So hurry now and book this package to experience the nature that has made the Faroe Islands ranking high on many travel bucket lists of things that travellers want to explore in their lifetime. Check availability by choosing a date.


2 days with tour guide
3 night of accommodation in Tórshavn with breakfast and a private bathroom
Airport pickup upon arrival/departure
All transport
Sub-sea tunnel fees
Packed lunch and beverages for day tours




Bøsdalafossur waterfall
Fossá Waterfall
Risin & Kellingin
Mjørkadalur Prison

Daily itinerary

Day 1


On your first day, you will fly into Vagar Airport. A taxi cab driver greets you at the arrival hall and he will take you from the only airport in the Faroe Islands to your hotel in the capital Tórshavn.

Enjoy the winter scene as you drive through the untouched landscape. You will drive along Lake Leitisvatn and you will get a glimpse of the rock formation Trøllkonufingur. After driving through an undersea tunnel and a couple of mountain tunnels, you will reach Tórshavn.

Once you arrive in Tórshavn, you can settle into your hotel and enjoy the city centre, shops, bars and restaurants. If you arrive in Tórshavn early, you can add a half day hiking tour in the mountains near Tórshavn during the booking process. You will hike from Tórshavn to the historic village Kirkjubøur.

You will spend your night in Tórshavn.

Day 2
Fossá Waterfall

Streymoy, Fossá Waterfall & Eysturoy

Today, you will explore some of the most beautiful sights in the Faroe Islands. You will head out for a seven hour guided tour to remote villages and stunning landscapes including Saksun. You will be picked up at 08:30am at your hotel.

When heading North from Tórshavn to the beautiful attractions, you will stop at Norðradalsskarð where you will have the classic view of Norðradalur and the island Koltur. A little bit further down the Oyggjarvegur road you will stop by the grass-roofed prison situated in the Mjørkadalur Valley. Mjørki means fog, hence the name Fog Valley. On a clear day you will see the prison and the remarkable view of the Kaldbaksfjørður fjord.

The village Saksun is set in otherworldly beautiful surroundings. Take a deep breath and feel the wind in your hair as you stand above a tidal lagoon with steep mountains in all directions. You will experience waterfalls on the mountain sides and small turf roofed houses overlooking this spectacular place.

After exploring the fantastic scenery in Saksun, you will continue to the next location, the famous Fossá Waterfall. This impressive attraction falls over two ledges before cascading down to the black volcanic rock. If you like to get really close to Foassá Waterfall the you can go for a stroll behind the waterfall. The water is so pure that you can drink it directly from the river.

Next up is the remote village Tjørnuvík. The village has an energy of its own. Tjørnuvík is tucked away in a majestic valley with a view of the North Atlantic Ocean. You will feel a deep serenity when standing in the middle of this village and the only sound you can hear is the waves on the sandy beach and the white surf along the shoreline. You will see the sea stacks Risin & Kellingin in the distance. The place is magic.

Finally, you will go see the dramatic gorge in Gjógv. Until now you have been on the island Streymoy. Now you will cross a short bridge and visit Eysturoy island. This unique village is drawn along the shore just beside a huge gorge. You will have the opportunity to take the steps down to the gorge and also walk along the 200 metre gorge and have a nice view of this natural phenomenon and the small village.

On your way back to Tórshavn, there will be some stops on the way. Make sure to bring your camera for this day.

You will stay in Tórshavn for the night.

Day 3

Classic spots in Vagar island

On your third day in the Faroe Islands, your tour guide will pick you up at your hotel in Tórshavn at 08:30. Today, you will explore Vagar island that that holds some of the most incredible treasures in the Nordic archipelago.

When you reach the village Miðvágur, you will start a two hour hike to some of the most majestic attractions in the Faroe Islands. You will hike along the largest lake in the Faroe Islands before you get to the Slave Cliff. This is the spot where you will see Lake Leitisvatn hovering over the ocean. Enjoy the power of nature and the joy of solitude.

As you stand on Trælanípa as this cliff is called in Faroese, you can see the small islands Koltur and Hestur when looking south. You can also spot your next attraction the jaw-dropping rock formation Bøsdalafossur Waterfall that flows into the ocean.

The hike from Trælanípa to the extraordinary waterfall Bøsdalafossur is short. Now you will walk to the edge of Lake Leitisvatn and stand by the untamed coast and enjoy the waterfall in full glory. Most travellers say that it is a humble experience to stand beside Bøsdalafossur and also experiencing the rock cliff Geituskorardrangur thrusting through the ocean. The view will most likely take your breath away and you will feel as if you have reached the edge of the world.

Now, you will hike back from where you started and your tour guide will take you for a drive to the turfed village Bøur. You will have the best view of Tindhólmur islet and see the sea stacks Drangarnir from the village.

The day will finish with chasing roaring waves and Múlafossur waterfall in the village Gásadalur. Sit down for a moment and simply take in the scenery and breathe the fresh air. Watch the rough sea for a while and the waterfall that empties into the ocean.

You will be back in the capital in the afternoon. Your night will be spent in Tórshavn

Day 4

Farewell to Faroe Islands

On your final day in the Faroe Islands, use your extra time to have one last meal in Tórshavn, sip a drink and go for a short walk in the city centre. You could go for a walk to the Skansin lighthouse at the Tórshavn seaside or enjoy the small boat marina at Vágsbotnur.

There are also some lovely shops if you want to bring some local souvenirs back home. Now, walk the short distance to your hotel. A taxi driver will greet you in the hotel's reception two hours prior to your flight departure. The driver will take you all the way to the airport at Vagar island.


What to bring

Warm clothes
Rain proof jacket
Hiking shoes
Thermal socks

Preferred accommodation in Tórshavn

See our accommodation levels below and our preferred accommodation partners.


Comfort rooms with own bathroom at a three-star hotel such as Hotel Tórshavn in the city centre. Free Wi-Fi. Breakfast buffet is included.


Rooms in a four-star hotel with interior design and private bath room. Free Wi-Fi. Breakfast buffet is included.


Luxury room at a four star hotel with own bathroom. Free Wi-Fi. Breakfast buffet included.

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