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Make the most out of your time in the Faroe Islands with this package tour that everyone is talking about. This tour covers all the best awe-inspiring travel moments that simply cannot be missed. 

Travelling around the Faroe Islands could not be easier with this 5-day tour that awaits you. The sights on the day tours are spectacular and you will find yourself deep in nature. There are 4 day tours on the program during this 5-day tour.

You will experience dramatic coastlines with surgin waves, the iconic waterfall Múlafossur and rugged mountain tops among them the highest mountain in the country Slættaratindur. This rich and rewarding tour will take you to picturesque villages such as Saksun and Gjógv and you will experience stunning sea stacks and gorges when sailing to Vestmanna Sea Cliffs. 

Feel the crisp and clear morning air as you are being picked up outside hotels in the capital Tórshavn.  Each morning your tour guide will take you to the untouched nature around the islands giving you the freedom to enjoy the beautiful sights along the route. While on your way to all the beautiful attractions, you will pass amazing fjords and small unspoiled villages with turf houses.

You will organise your own accommodation and we will take care of showing you the extraordinary views across the islands. Forget all the logistics and simply enjoy your holiday in the Faroe Islands. This five day tour takes in the most outstanding sceneries in one of the world's best kept secrets. You will also be given an insight into the Faroese culture and the warm local hospitality.

Besides giving you outstanding seightseeing tours, you will have the opportunity to upgrade the sightseeing tour of Vagar island to a day tour to the puffin island Mykines. You can add Mykines to your adventure during the booking process.     

Do not hesitate booking this 5 day guided summer tour with all the magical moments you don't want to miss. Check availability by choosing a date. 


Tour guide
4 guided day tours
Sub-sea tunnel fees
Pickup and drop-off in Tórshavn


Boat Trip
Cultural Activity
Bird Watching


Vestmanna Bird Cliffs

Daily itinerary

Day 1

The Northern Islands

Get ready to experience the Northern islands. You will be picked up at hour hotel in Tórshavn and then head north. Your first stop will be the Viking village Leirvík. In this village on Eysturoy, you will walk between the excavation that reveals of the Vikings went about thousand years ago in the Faroe Islands.

After driving through a sub-sea tunnel, you will get to Klaksvík. This town is influenced hugely by the fishing culture. You will see fishing vessels along the harbour here from small boats to large ships.

From Kalskvík you will see the beautiful mountain Kunoyarnakki on the island Kunoy. You will also get a great view of Kalsoy island on this day tour.

After experiencing the northern islands, you will head back to the capital. The driver will drop you off at your hotel or designated location. The duration of the tour is 7 hours.

Day 2

Vágar Islands

Today, you will go on an exiting tour to Vágar islands. This is the island with many of the most sought after locations in the Faroe Islands.

You will see the famous Múlafossur Waterfall in the remote village Gásadalur. This is one of the most untouched sites in the archipelago.

In the village Bøur you will stop and walk in between old turf houses. There is a great view of Tindhólmur islet with its many spiky peaks. You will also see the sea-stacks Drangarnir from this cosy village.

You can also upgrade this day to a day tour to Mykines where thousands of puffins will greet you on green hillsides. If you want to do the Myknes tour instead of the Vagar tour, add the Mykines tour to the cart as an extras during the booking process. The duration of the Vagar tour is 4 hours. If you upgrade to Mykines, the duration of the tour will be 10.5 hours.

Day 3

Free Day in Tórshavn

On this day you will have the day for yourself with no planned tour. You can slow down and relax in the capital.

We suggest that you spend your time sightseeing around Tórshavn. Find a museum to visit such as the National Art Gallery in the city centre.

You can also drop by some of the local cafés and take a cup of coffee and later do a dining experience at one of the great restaurants near the harbour. Your next guided day tour will be tomorrow.

Day 4
Kalsoy from Gjogv

Northern Eysturoy

Today, you will enjoy some magical moments in Northern Eysturoy. You will also visit the stunning village Saksun. The sights on this day tour are an essential part of a trip in the Faroe Islands.

After you have been picked up in Tórshavn, you will hit the road to Saksun. This is where you will experience the tidal lagoon from the tiny turf village that lies in beautiful surroundings between rugged mountains and fascinating streams.

When you have seen Saksun, you are ready to discover the best sights that the northern part of Eysturoy has to offer. When on the island Eysturoy, your primary goal is to explore the villages Gjógv and Funningur.

Your tour guide will share some of the local stories along the way. At the end of the day, you will be dropped of in Tórshavn. The duration of the tour is 6 hours.

Day 5

Sea Cliffs in Vestmanna

Discover the incredible views when sailing next to towering basalt walls and impressive gorges. You will be picked up in Tórshavn at noon and then head to Vestmanna.

At the harbour in Vestmanna a boat awaits you that will take you to one of the most beautiful coastline and spectacular landscapes in the Faroe Islands. Your first glimpse of the majestic bird cliffs is unforgettable.

This precious moment in nature where you will see birds in their natural habitat will make you feel fortunate. Weather permitting, your captain will sail you through grottoes and narrow straits.

The boat tour will last for two hours. When back in Vestmanna, you will be driven back to Tórshavn. The duration of the tour is 5 hours.


What to bring

Wind proof jacket
Good walking boots
Warm clothes

Good to know

You will be picked up at your hotel in Tórshavn for all 4 day tours. In the afternoon you will be dropped off at your hotel again.

This 5 day summer tour starts on Tuesdays. If you should want to start the tour on another day, that is also possible. There are no tours on Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays.

You will get insider travel tips for the rest of your stay, if you are staying in the Faroe Islands for some additional days.

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