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Aeroportul Vágar, Færøerne
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Aeroportul Vágar, Færøerne
Oct. - Mar.
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Secure yourself a 5-day journey and visit the classic locations in the Faroe Islands. You will explore the most popular sights on Vagar Island, the beautiful villages Saksun and Gjógv and the unspoiled Northern Islands with this exclusive winter package. These five days will bring you the best of nature in the Faroe Islands. You will explore the stunning nature, culture, history, and the many untold winter stories in the Faroe Islands.

Travel with ease and comfort to the best sights in the Faroe Islands. This winter package includes accommodation, transportation, and visits to incredible natural attractions all in the company of local Faroese guides. Simply show up and get ready for the time of your life.

You will join the trip with ease and all 4 nights of accommodation are booked in advance. You will find more information about each day's adventure below.

With this winter package, you will not only get to see Múlafossur Waterfall and visit the famous village Saksun, but you will also journey up north to the Northern Islands. You will visit rare nature and untouched locations.

You will also see the majestic Fossá Waterfall and hike to one of the most scenic places you will ever visit, the Slave's Cliff or Trælanípan where you will see the lake above the ocean. Your guide will make sure you get close to these emblematic locations.

Book the ultimate all-in-one winter package now! Discover the undiscovered Nordic atmosphere and otherworldly winter landscape in the Faroe Islands. You will love every second of the trip. Check availability by choosing a date.


3 days with guided tours to the most iconic natural attractions from Múlafossur Waterfall to the picturesque village Saksun.
4 nights of accommodation in hotels in Tórshavn with breakfast and a private bathroom.
Travel to six different islands
All transport
Sub-sea tunnel fees
Lunch box for day tours


Horse Riding
Boat Trip
Cultural Activity


Bøsdalafossur waterfall
Fossá Waterfall
Risin & Kellingin

Daily itinerary

Day 1
Lake Leitisvatn

Arrival in Faroe Islands

Welcome to the Faroe Islands! When you arrive at Vagar airport, you will immediately feel the refreshing Faroe Islands winter on your face. Once you reach the arrival hall, a cab driver will welcome you and drive you to the main hub in the Faroe Islands, the capital Tórshavn.

You will drive through beautiful landscapes and pass quaint villages. On your way to Tórshavn, you will have a great view over Lake Leitisvatn with small turf-roofed houses along the river bank. There will also be waterfalls just beside the road.

You can spend your first hours in the Faroe Islands getting to know the capital, walk to the old part of town, go out dining, and go in to one of the coffee shops.

If your flight arrives early then you can saddle up for a horseback riding tour in the mountains surrounding Tórshavn. You can add an amazing horse riding trip in the booking process.

You will spend your nights in Tórshavn.

Day 2

Saksun & Gjógv

Today, you will have the unique opportunity to see the winter landscape in Saksun. The scenery is a true wonder, including the tidal lagoon, several waterfalls finding their ways from the high mountains, and the lovely turf-roofed houses. You will have a spectacular view from the old settlement in Saksun.

When leaving Saksun, you will drive through the enchanting valley and stop by the fantastic Fossá Waterfall. You will have the opportunity to get some really good photos of this stunning attraction. You can also go behind the waterfall, which is truly a magical feeling. You could stay here forever just soaking in this amazing experience. However, you will now head to your next great attraction.

Just a short drive from Fossá Waterfall, you will reach the otherworldly village Gjógv known for its remoteness and the iconic gorge. The feeling of standing in an isolated village overlooking the blue Atlantic Ocean in all its glory is simply incredible. On your way back to Tórshavn, you will stop by a spot where you will have a great view to the sea stacks Risin og Kellingin or the Giant and his Wife. You will spend your night in Tórshavn.

Day 3
Vagar island

Vagar Island

Today's trip will surely be one of the highlights of your Faroe Islands adventure. Your penultimate day in the Faroe Islands will bring you to all the great locations on the island Vagar.

You will be picked up at your hotel in Tórshavn and then head to Vagar island. When you reach Vagar, a local tour guide will take you on a fantastic hike. You will walk along the beautiful Lake Leitisvatn to the impressive Slave's Cliff and stunning Bøsdalafossur. The hike is easy as there is just little elevation.

From the Slave's Cliff you will see the Lake Leitisvatn above the ocean. The lake appears to be almost level with the ocean. The view is just crazy so sit down for a moment and contemplate the scenery. This is truly a magical moment on your trip.

Next, breath the fresh air when standing in front of Bøsdalafossur waterfall where the water crashes into the Atlantic Ocean. You will also have the best view of the sea stack Geituskorardrangur just beside Bøsdalafossur. This huge sea stack enhance the beauty of this place.

Now, you will hike back along the lake. Enjoy the clean mountain air and the extraordinary nature. You will now drive to the village Bøur where you will have a great view towards Tindhólmur. Take in this charming village before going to the day's final attraction.

You will now travel the short distance to the utterly fantastic Múlafossur Waterfall. Admire the beauty of Gásadalur with the iconic waterfall that gets all the attention that it deserves. You will spend your night in Tórshavn.

Day 4

Northern Islands

On your third day, you will be picked up at your hotel in Tórshavn and explore the Northern Islands. Prepare yourself for one of the most exciting moments of your whole trip. The route will take you to several waterfalls before you enter the sub-sea tunnel to Klaksvík. The Northern Islands offer so many magical places.

Now, you will head from site to site exploring five different islands in just one day. Every inch of this island is breathtaking.

When you are back in Klaksvík, you will head to the beautiful village Viðareiði on the island Viðoy. There is nothing quite as serene as looking out to the Atlantic Ocean from the remote village Viðareiði. You will also visit the small village Kunoy on the island Kunoy. In order to get to Kunoy, you will drive through a narrow tunnels and explore the village here nestled by the sea. You will spend your night in Tórshavn.

Day 5
Torshavn marina

Farewell to Faroe Islands

If you are lucky to have a late flight, you can spend your final day in the Faroe Islands walking in the Tórshavn area. We recommend you to walk to the harbour marina where you can enjoy the many small fishing boats.

There are also some great shops in the town worth a visit before leaving the Faroe Islands.

If you still have time before your flight take off, you can visit the local art museum Listasavnið where you will see the best of classic and modern Faroese art.

Now your trip in the Faroe Islands has come to a close. A taxi will pick you up in Tórshavn and take you to the airport on Vágar island. As we say in Faroese "Síggjast" (see you).


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Winter hiking shoes

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