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Tórshavn, Faroe Islands
8 hours
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3 years old

Join us for two days filled with responsible tourism. You will be cleaning the shores around the Faroe Islands and thereby contributing to keeping the Faroe Islands unspoiled.

On the 16 and 17 April 2020, the Faroe Islands will be closed for regular tourism. These two days, locals and visiting volunteers will work to keep the islands unpolluted and unspoiled by erecting signs, making foot paths and other projects that are aimed at maintaining and preserving the islands.

Guide to Faroe Islands is a wholehearted supporter of the initiative and will also close down tour bookings during these days to take a responsible break to preserve what makes the Faroe Islands so special.

The beach cleaning tour starts in Tórshavn at 9am in the morning. You will be taken by bus along with other volunteers to a few of the beaches in the Faroe Islands where we will be cleaning up the rubbish that has washed ashore from the ocean over the stormy winter. 

Ocean pollution is a massive environmental issue across the globe and the 18 small islands in the North Atlantic get their fair share of ocean rubbish washing upong the shores and beaches during the stormy winter months. Together with local authorities tours are arrange for volunteers to help clean up the washed up pollution during the 16-17 April, keeping the Faroe Islands beached unspoiled and unpolluted.

These two days of voluntourism will take you to some of the most impressive landscapes in the Faroe Islands. You will join an enthusiastic team eager to preserve the fragile nature in the Faroe Islands. Expect to clean up the beautiful shores at selected places and make a difference to the ocean environment.

What are you waiting for? Do good by joining two days of voluntourism in the Faroe Islands. Check availability by adding to cart.


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What to bring

Warm clothes
Good walking boots
Wind proof jacket

Good to know

You can either take action by cleaning a beach for one day or for two days.

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