Faroe Islands - The Classic Tour

Faroe Islands - The Classic Tour
Faroe Islands - The Classic Tour
Faroe Islands - The Classic Tour
Faroe Islands - The Classic Tour
Faroe Islands - The Classic Tour
Faroe Islands - The Classic Tour
Faroe Islands - The Classic Tour

See everything in a day! We will pick you up / drop you off at the Airport or Tórshavn. From there we'll cover all the must sees. A full day tour of 7 hours jam-packed with breathtaking views with stories to go with it. Your tour guide for the day grew up in the Faroes so she knows the best places to go see and knows a lot about it's history, legends and culture.

You will make 10-20 min breaks with walking included at the classic locations. And no worries if you want more time somewhere as this will just minus the time of something else. As long as you stay within the 7 hour timetable you'll be perfectly fine. This is your day and the tour guide wants it to be perfect for you.

Gásadalur, being on the top spot of must sees on the Guide to Faroe Islands website, is a must do for a tour like this one. You will make 2 stops here. You will walk to the Waterfall Múlafossur and also make a short stop in the cute village of Gásadalur (option to get food at the Gásadals farm).

Bøur, with the jaw dropping view of Drangarnar and Tindhólm. You'll stop here and walk down to the beach, and walk between the traditional houses and the old church there and see the old boats that are built in the traditional Viking style.

Trøllkonufingur, When driving to Trøllkonufingur you will pass the iconic church Sandavágs Kirkja in Sandavágur where you can make a short stop if you like. Trøllkonufingur, The Troll Woman’s Finger, also known as Witches Finger tells a story of a time when giants roamed the oceans. You will walk to this iconic cliff, passing a lovely river on the way.

Tjørnuvík, You'll do a short stop by the iconic Fossá waterfall on our way. You might have seen this almost 'overdone' double waterfall from travellers posting online. In Tjørnuvík you'll see right over to Risin & Kellingin, The Giant and The Witch, the iconic cliffs, when looking past the very large and gentle waves. Tjørnuvík is best beach for surfing in the Faroe Islands. In Tjørnuvík there will be the option to get coffee, tea and pancakes from a very nice local man.

Risin & Kellingin, You will follow The Giant and The Witch cliffs around the village of Eiðiand see them from the other side on your way to Gjógv. These giants also have quite the story to tell.

Gjógv, the iconic little village built around the gorge. On your way you will pass the highest mountain in the Faroes, Slættaratindur.

Funningur, you will drive down the entertaining zig-zag road that you might have seen on photos. Funningur is a lovely quiet village.

Saksun, Seeing that Saksun is one of the Faroe Islands top destinations. You will make two stops here. One down by the laguna and beach and one stop at the church and old village.

Kirkjubøur, In Kirkjubøur you will have a look at the historic Kirkjubøur Wall. The stone wall is the only wall of that size from that time in history that is located this far north. So it is quite spectacular.

Tórshavn, you'll have a look at the old town Reyn with all the cute traditional houses and see the old red parliament buildings called Tinganes down by the harbour. You have the option of being dropped off/picked up in Tórshavn.

There will of course also be opportunities to do other short stops on your way if you see something that you want to soak in for a moment. This is a laid back fun experience. The tour guide will bring warm tea and coffee and some Faroese delicacy to taste as well, and just have a fun and relaxing day with you. All the hikes are short and very easy, a good fit for any traveler.

Now, don't hesitate booking this classic tour where you will experience as much of the Faroe Islands in one day as possible. Check availability by choosing a date.

Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: All year
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Activities: Sightseeing, Cultural Activity, Bird Watching
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Languages: English
  • Highlights: Múlafossur, Drangarnir, Kirkjubøur, Gjógv, Saksun, Bøur, Sandavágur, Eiði, Slættaratindur, Funningur, Tórshavn, Streymoy, Vágar, Tjørnuvík, Tindhólmur, Fossá Waterfall, Eysturoy, Trøllkonufingur, Risin & Kellingin
Pickup information:
  • Pickup time : 09:00.

Let us know where to pick you up in Tórshavn. You can also be picked up at Vagar airport. Or you can also ask, if it is possible to pick you up at your location.

  • Transport

  • Faroese food

  • Tour Guide

  • Coffee/tea

  • Sub-sea tunnel fee

What to bring:
  • Camera

  • Wind proof jacket


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Faroe Islands - The Classic Tour