Fishing trip in Eiði

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Fjøruvegur, Eiði, Færøerne
3,5 hours
English, German, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish
May. - Aug.

This is an authentic fishing experience! You sail in a traditional Faroese boat – the utmost of Faroese handicraft. This Faroese boat was a lifeline to the people that settled the beautiful villages see along the seashore. No place more than in Eiði has people’s existance historically so depended upon the traditional Faroese boat. They discovered rich fishing grounds and nearby the spawning area of the Faroese Atlantic cod. Now you can follow in their footsteps.

You set out from the small boat marina of Eiði in the north of Eysturoy. You sail by the western shore of the Eiðiskollur peninsula. The area is fenced by stunning natural scenery. Weather permitting you sail towards “Risin and Kellingin” (The Giant and the Hag). In this stunning amphitheatre you will try your luck at fishing. Typical fish in this area are Atlantic Cod and Haddock but you may also encounter fish dwelling higher in the water column such as Saithe and Mackerel.

When weather is not optimal for fishing close to the “Risin and Kellingin” you will sail closer to the bay of Tjørnuvík on the Streymoy side of the golf “Eiðisflógvi”. There are local areas with groundfish such as Whiting, and the “Reyðfiskur”, a colourful variation of the Atlantic cod that assumes the colours of it's seaweed habitat. When you have found a good fishing spot remember to take "ýti” (a Faroese word for landmarks), so that you can find your spot again!

Should you be blessed by mother nature with catching fish, you get to take the catch with. You may then choose to prepare a wonderful meal to serve to your loved ones! Nowhere on the planet can you find fish as tasty and fresh as this!


Safety: Each guest receives a floating suit, boots and lifejacket.
Fishing guide.
Food & beverages: We serve a light meal with water and coffee.
Fishing gear.
Fish: You can take catch home with you!


Boat Trip
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Risin & Kellingin

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This tour needs a minimum of 2 tickets to depart. By booking 5 tickets you ensure a private tour.

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