Pan Fried Fish in a Faroese Home

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mikkjalsgøta 3, Miðvágur 370, Faroe Islands
2 hours
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Join a fantastic dinner in a private home in the village Miðvágur serving Faroese fish. You will enjoy a traditional pan fried fish dish.

The Faroese word “Heimablídni” means “Home hospitality“. Across all the islands you can enjoy authentic and intimate dining  experiences in people's home.

We live in Faroe Islands, on the island Vágar. My name is Selma and my husband is Tórður. For a living we are a pre teacher and a sailor/fisherman, and we own four kids. 

In our spare time we love to go fishing in our boat. We’ve done this for many years now and our kids always loved it. Now they’re all grown ups.

People of the Faroe Islands have always lived of what nature provides us and we eat a lot of fish.

For 30 years now I’ve served pan fried fish on our dinner table, almost once a week to my family during the years. My husband is a fisherman and a lot of the fish we eat comes from the ocean, that my husband has fished. It’s a meal that we all like very much.

We wish to invite travelers in our home serving this traditional Faroese dinner that we have provide our selfs.

You will come to our home and we will make the following dishes for you, and it will take about 2 hours:

- Staked fish - Cooked potatoes - Garlic oil - Salat  - Coffee/tea/water - Cake/fruit

Our home is situated only 5 minutes from Vagar Airport. This dinner experience is the perfect choice after a tour along Lake Leitisvatn or when you return from a day tour to Mykines.

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Staked fish
Cooked potatoes
Garlic oil
Fresh Faroese water


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