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Mykines with a Local | The Puffin Island

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Join a guided tour to the much loved island Mykines. The unspoiled island is an unparallel experience where you will get close to puffins and enjoy the remoteness on the westernmost island in the Faroe Islands. 

The tour starts from the harbour in the village Sørvágur on the island Vagar. Included in this day package is the hiking fee and a two-way ferry ticket with the local boat sailing to Mykines. There is a limited number of seats for the boat that sails to Mykines. You are secured a seat when booking with us. 

When you arrive in Mykines walk up the stairs from the harbour. When you reach the end of the stairs your local guide will welcome you. The tour guide will lead you to the only village on the island. You will immediately feel the immense silence as there are absolutely no cars on the island. 

Your guide knows everything there is to know about the local nature and culture. He will tell you fascinating stories about the people and the raw nature.

Mykines is a bird-watchers dream. There is a puffin guarantee on this tour that will definitaly be one of your highlights on your trip in the Faroe Islands. 

If you wonder where the best bird watching attractions are in the Faroe Islands wonder no more. This guided tour in Mykines gives you direct access to the bird paradise. 

When in the village with several turf-roofed houses your tour guide will prepare you for the hike to the puffin bird colony. You will stand litteraly only metres away from the cute puffins and their hollow nest. 

The hike will take you to the tip of Mykines on the islet Mykineshólmur and the picturesque lighthouse. Soake in the natural scenery and the quietness when looking into the Atlantic Ocean.

This Mykines tour is the perfect experience for dedicated nature enthusiasts. The lush green fields during summer combined with the dramatic landscape is the ultimate way of seeing the Faroe Islands.

After you have experienced the unspoiled nature on this mesmarising island, the boat awaits you by the small harbour in Mykines. You will be sailed back to Sørvágur in the afternoon and arrive just before 18:00 in Sørvágur harbour.

If you choose the 13:00 PM departure, you will sail from Mykines at 19:00 PM. You will be back in Søvagur just befaroe 20:00 PM. 

You can visit Mykines four months every year. There is only one boat sailing to Mykines during these four months. Secure yourself an exclusive trip to the majestic Mykines by adding to the cart.


Ferry ticket
Local tour guide
Hiking fee
Packed lunch
Spring water


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What to bring

Good hiking shoes
Warm clothes

Good to know

This tour starts on the harbour in the village Sørvágur. The ferry to Mykines sails from Sørvágur. The ferry sails at 10 o'clock in the morning and then again at 13 o'clock. Remember to be at the harbour in good time. We recommend you to be at the harbour twenty minutes before departure so be there at 09.40 o'clock or at 12:40 o'clock depending on which tour you will do.

You will get your personal ferry ticket that will secure you a seat onboard the ferry to Mykines. When you have received the ticket and found yourself a seat on the ferry, you can have a coffee or a cup of tea while getting closer to Mykines. Keep the ticket as you will use it again when returning back to the island Vagar.

The hike to the lighthouse will take approximately two hours. Every corner of the hike is just mind blowing. There will be puffins all over the place.

When hiking back to the village from the lighthouse your tour guide will most likely take a different route where you will have the chance to get close to the beautiful bird Gannets.

When back in the village, you can relax for 1-2 hours before jumping onboard the boat again to Sørvágur. There are two local cafes in Mykines and you will have the opportunity to get some nice food and beverages.

The ferry departures from Mykines at 5 o'clock in the evening for those how depart from Sørvágur at 10 o'clock and those who will sail to Mykines from Sørvágur at 13 o'clock will take the late ferry from Mykines at 19 o'clock in the evening. Remember to be at the small harbour in Mykines 20 minutes before departure.

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