The Nólsoy Nettle Tour | Gather Wild Plants

The Nólsoy Nettle Tour | Gather Wild Plants
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Join a walk on Nólsoy island while you gather locally grown plants in nature. We love cooking and love going for walks and foraging wild plants. The Nettle Tour is a two hour stroll with a basket, scissors and glows (the nettles sting if you are not careful).

We talk about food, nature and any edible wild plant you might pass on the way. You end the tour by lighting up the grill and we make nettle-pizza together. Relax and enjoy the timelessness on this extraordinary island.

The tour is made on Sundays during summer from May to August. The island Nólsoy is nestled outside of Tórshavn with several daily ferry departures from the harbour in Tórshavn. The ferry ride from Tórshavn to Nólsoy takes 20 minutes. 

In order to do this authentic activity on this outlying island, catch the ferry route 90 from Tórshavn at 12:30pm on Sundays. The price for a ferry roundtrip is 5 euro/6 usd. Yoru hostess will greet you when you arrive in Nólsoy. You can either take the ferry back to Tórshavn from Nólsoy at 16:20, 19:00, or 22:00.

Nólsoy is a laid back island that most visitors to the Faroe Islands only see from Tórshavn. This is your chance to cross the Nólsoyarfjørður fjord from Tórshavn to Nólsoy and get close to the people living here and along the way you will have a delicate food experience and an extraordinary time in nature. 

If you decide to stay on the island until the evening (and we definitely recommend you to do so) then there are great opportunities for you to hike on the island. The village is small, really. So it takes only minutes to get out into the untouched nature where you can experience rugged mountainsides and sheer cliffs.

Now, make sure to book this lovely nettle gathering tour where you will make a nettle-pizza. Check availability by choosing a date.

Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: May. - Aug.
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Activities: Hiking, Sightseeing, Cultural Activity, Dinner
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Languages: English, Danish, Faroese
  • Highlights: Nólsoy
Pickup information:
  • Departure time : 14:00.

Hjá Gimburlombunum, Nólsoy

How to: Get here!

Well first of all, you need to get to the Faroe Islands. You can book tickets at Your plane will land on Vágar, from there you need to take a bus to Tórshavn, and THEN get to Nólsoy - but we assure you, it will be worth it!

How to get to Nólsoy then?

There are three main options:

  1. You could swim. Nólsoy is ‘only’ 5 km from the capital Tórshavn. The water is cold, but does never freeze – we are located in the middle of the Gulf-Stream. Once a year people actually do swim from Tórshavn to Nólsoy, but be sure to have a boat looking after you on your way over!
  2. Or stop swimming, board that boat, and sail to Nólsoy. Most commonly people take the ferry TERNAN. Ternan’s timetable can be found at (for this tour you could take the ferry at 13.00 from Tórshavn downtown). The price is 40 kr to Nólsoy. Sailing back to Tórshavn is free of charge.
  3. Take the old sailboat Norðlýsið (the Northern Light). Most Tuesdays and Thursdays during the summer, the lovely captain Birgir Enni will sail you around the entire island before stopping a short while in the village. You can either sail back to Tórshavn with Norðlýsið, or stay a little longer: Enjoy a walk, some nice food at our café and maybe a concert at the local bar? You can take the ferry back to Tórshavn later in the evening –  the ferry-ride back to Tórshavn with Ternan is free of charge!

That is about it… Of course a few people manage to hitch-hike local boats on their way to Nólsoy – but your success depends a lot on your convincing skills. We have also heard about one guy who could walk on water, so if he gives lessons, that could also be an option.

The most common ways to get to Nólsoy is nr 2 and 3.

When in Nólsoy, you will find our café in the same building as the Tourist Information.

See you soon!

  • Guided nettle picking tour

  • Nettle pizza

  • Ferry ticket to Nólsoy

What to bring:
  • Warm clothes

  • Curiousness



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The Nólsoy Nettle Tour | Gather Wild Plants