Photography Tour | Trælanipa, Bøur, Gásadalur

Photography Tour | Trælanipa, Bøur, Gásadalur
Photography Tour | Trælanipa, Bøur, Gásadalur
Photography Tour | Trælanipa, Bøur, Gásadalur
Photography Tour | Trælanipa, Bøur, Gásadalur
Photography Tour | Trælanipa, Bøur, Gásadalur
Photography Tour | Trælanipa, Bøur, Gásadalur
Photography Tour | Trælanipa, Bøur, Gásadalur
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Hike with a local photographer and guide to the majestic sights on the island Vagar. You will hike to Trælanípan, followed by a drive to Bøur where you will see Drangarnir and Tindhólmur and finally to Gásadalur and a walk to see the view overlooking Múlafossur waterfall and Mykines.

Experience the silence and quiet village life in Bøur and Gásadalur, and the untouched sights together with the beautiful sounds of the birds and the surrounding ocean in these spectacular places.

The tour is ideal for every level from experienced photographer and enthusiasts alike. All locations on this tour are on the island Vagar. You will tour the best places and take advantage of these beautiful attractions for timeless pictures.

The light in the Faroe Islands is ever changing. You will get both mystic evening light and colourful daylight within the same hour. You may also experience all seasons in one day!

You will capture some of the most unique and iconic locations in the Faroe Islands that are a great source of inspiration. A local photographer will guide you to the dramatic cliffs at Traelanipa with the massive lake hanging over the ocean and the breathtaking waterfall in the emblematic village Gasadalur overlooking the endless motion of the sea and the famous waterfall.

You will meet the tour guide at the gas station in Miðvágur. From the gas station Magn you will head directly to the first destination: Trælanípa.

You have most likely seen spectacular photos of the locations on this tour. Now it is your turn! Your photo guide will assist you to get the perfect angle.

Add this photo tour to your cart to take pictures of some of the most stunning sights, and make this unforgettable tour a part of your trip to the Faroe Islands. Check availability by choosing a date.

Quick facts

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  • Departure time : 10:00, 13:00.

Magn, Miðvágur

You meet the tour guide on the island of Vagar at the gas station Magn in the village Miðvágur. This is just before you get to the lake Sørvagsvatn also called Leitisvatn.

  • Tour Guide

  • Best photography spots

What to bring:
  • Camera

  • Good hiking boots

  • Warm clothes

Good to know:

Weather may vary ALOT. After all, it is the land of maybe!



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I came all the way from Brazil to visit the North for a few weeks - I had 12 days in Iceland, 4 days in Greenland, and only 1 day in the Faroe Islands, in which I chose to take the Photography Tour with Ditte, and I can say very happily - this was the BEST day of my entire trip! We had perfectly sunny weather, visited the most beautiful places I have ever seen and I had a perfect day overall. Ditte was a blessing - she took me to the best places, where most tourists ignore, showed me the best angles for the pictures, told me so many interesting facts about the Faroe Islands culture and history, and even took amazing pictures of me using her own camera! We had really great conversations during the hikes, she is an amazing person, and I'm really happy I got to meet her. In Gasádalur, we even visited a local house, played with dogs and chickens, and she stopped in many places on the way for me to get great pictures. But Ditte also made sure that I got enough time to just enjoy the moment and the scenery, without cameras to distract me - those are some of my precious memories of the trip! Oh and I definitely should add that she was absolutely concerned with my safety above everything, always pointing out which places she felt weren't very safe to stand or sit down - something that, as a tourist, I couldn't know, so I value it a lot. Takk fyrir for a perfect day! And I really recommend this tour to everyone, even if you have just one day in the Islands (you should really stay longer, though!)
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We got the chance to enjoy very beautiful sights around Vágar. We had the nicest guide, Ditte. She’s a photographer and showed us really great places such as Sørvágsvatn and the waterfall in Gasadalur. She told us interesting facts and myths about the area. We ended up having a perfect day in the exceptional nature, with a little bit of thanks to unusually nice weather and a big thank you to our guide Ditte.
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I was so impressed with my guide’s knowledge and experience of the area. She was attentive and made sure she was aware of my skill level so she could appropriately tailor the experience. It was also easy to contact her the day before the tour when the weather looked like it might change quickly. The weather was windy and rainy but this didn’t take away from the tour at all! In fact it only added to the experience. I would recommend this tour to anyone!
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One of the highlights of my Europe solo trip was visiting the Faroe Islands. I was very keen on doing a guided tour and found this tour to be very interesting. On the day of the tour I found that I was the only person that had signed up and thought that this would be cancelled, but it wasn't. Ditte, the guide, picked me up at my hostel in Vagar. We started out in the afternoon and the weather was not the most pleasant. It was drizzling and super cloudy. But as we started hiking towards Trælanípan, it completely cleared and we had the perfect weather - clear blue skies, sun and great natural lighting! One of the added benefits for me was to get my photo clicked from a pro photographer which rarely happens for a solo traveller! haha. I got to see some of the most stunning locations in Faroe Islands, thanks to Ditte. She is an amazing person and I am very glad to have made a friend. I highly recommend this tour with Ditte :)
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This is an essential tour when visiting the Faroes. Ditte knows everything about the islands and will help you get the best shots for your memories! My favorite tour on my trip!! Can’t wait to go back
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Great tour with a great guide! Ditte knows her way around the Faroes and also the tricks the weather can play on tourists. Our tour to Traelanipa and Gasadalur was great, even though at times we had really bad weather. She was always kind and helpful and it was a pleasure having her as my guide. As for Guide to Faroe Island, I cannot thank enough! I bought the tour 2 days before and the contact with them was always fast, be it thru the site (very well organized), be it thru the social media. All in all, I super recommend Guide to Faroe Islands!
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Photography Tour | Trælanipa, Bøur, Gásadalur