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Tórshavn Cocktail Tour

Tórshavn Cocktail Tour
The Tarv Restaurant
Bars Tórshavn
Night out in Tórshavn
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Nightlife in Tórshavn
Tórhavn nightlife
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Get ready for an amazing night out in Tórshavn. Your tour guide will take you to the best cocktail bars in town filled with comfort and style.

Believe it or not, Tórshavn has actually a boiling nightlife, with a lot of opportunities and especially an upcoming culinary cocktail culture. All bars in this tour are located in downtown Tórshavn.

Experience Tórshavn nightlife with a local guide whilst enjoying a local signature cocktail of all the hottest places in Tórshavn.  Maybe Tórshavn doesn't have nightlife like major cities in Europe, but it is surely particular in every way. On these small 18 islands, you wouldn't believe that there can be found so many hidden gems in the cocktail culture here.

On this guided cocktail tour in Tórshavn you will experience the fantastic cocktail quality. Your tour guide is ready to educate on the savoury local cocktails and show you the true nightlife in Faroe Island's capital. 

You will experience the best cocktail bars in Tórshavn. This tour is for those looking for something special on their Faroe Islands vacation and for those who want to enjoy a local experience.

Your tour guide loves local innovation. Therefore, you will only be served freshly made drinks and many of the drinks will contain locally grown Faroese ingredients. 

When booking this tour, you will be guaranteed a night to remember. Your tour guide will not only show you the best cocktails in this absurdly culinary country - but you'll also learn about the establishment while sample a drink and get an exotic insight to the local history of Tórshavn and the norms surrounding the Faroese drinking culture - which is quiet interesting and will make you understand the core of this society.

You will meet the tour guide in the city centre. Choose your desired starting time when booking.  

Now, what are you waiting for? Make sure to do a cool and unique local cocktail experience. Check availability by adding to cart.

Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: Mar. - Aug.
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Activities: Cultural Activity
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Minimum age: 18 years.
  • Languages: English, Danish, Norwegian
  • Attractions: Tórshavn
Pickup information:
  • Departure time : 17:00. 18:00, 19:00, 20:00, 21:00, 22:00, 23:00,

You meet us at the departure location.
  • Cocktails

  • Guide

  • Free entry

What to bring:
  • Identification

  • Always have clothes depending on the weather, and the great mood

Firsthand reviews

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As I was told, this a new tour in Torshavn, and I love tours like this. What better way to get to know the locals and the social aspect of any culture than a little drink tour? And this one was fantastic! Drinks were delicious, the bars are very cool, and the guides were so friendly and we had some great talks on seemingly every topic. I'm glad I went the night I arrived, what an easy, pleasant, and fun way to introduce yourself to the capital city? I HIGHLY recommend.
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Thank you so much for the kind words, Casey. We surely enjoyed having you on our tour - and we hope that you had a good time overall in the Faroes.
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I had a fun time joining the cocktail tour in Tórshavn. They took me around four bars with different styles and crowds to try various cocktails that are unique to Faroe Islands. It was fun chatting with them and learning about life in Faroe Islands, from the history of alcohol distribution to the dating culture. I was traveling alone so it was especially an awesome way for me to experience nightlife in Tórshavn!
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