Winter Fishing Trip in Árnafjørður

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This is an authentic winter fishing experience! We sail in a traditional Faroese boat - the utmost of Faroese handicraft. This Faroese boat was the lifeline of the people that settled the beautiful villages that you see along the coastline. With this boat type people discovered rich fishing grounds. Now you can follow in their footsteps. 

It is a Faroese tradition to fish for the household in the winter time. According to an old Faroese adage the quality of the fish is best in the months that have an "R" in them - meaning September until April. This time of year the weather is perfect for wind-drying - an ancient conserving method. Winter is also the best time for making fish cakes!

You sail out from the Árnafjørður marina and follow the eastern seashore by Mjóvin. The fiord Árnafjørður is about 4 nautical. The surrounding high mountains shelter from north-westerly winds. Sailing close to the shore you see the varied landscape with ravines and grottoes. Keep your eyes open to seals as they have this area as their natural habitat. Up on the steep slopes you see the semi-wild grazing sheep.

You procede to Bergsmunnin and see the view east towards the island of Svínoy. Sailing further along this spectacular coastline you near “Bergið”. Of the coast by Bergið you cast your fishing line! Typical fish in area are Atlantic cod, Haddock and Saithe, but sometimes you may catch Ling, Tusk and Redfish. 

At a certain location you will try to catch the beautiful “Reyðfiskur” – a variation of the Atlantic Cod that assumes the red colours of it’s seaweed habitat. Weather permitting you may cross the fiord towards Lishøvdi and cast your fishing line there.

Should you be blessed by mother nature with a catch, you get to take fish with you to prepare for a wonderful meal! Nowhere on the planet can you find fish as tasty and fresh as this!


Safety: Each guest receives a floating suit, boots, lifejacket and safety training.
Fishing guide.
Food & beverages: We serve a light meal with water and coffee.
Fishing gear.
Fish: You can take the catch home with you!


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This tour needs a minimum of 2 tickets to depart. By booking 5 tickets you ensure a private tour.

Disclaimer: If weather conditions are unsafe the fishing trip will be moved to Hvannasund if weather is suitable there. See “Fishing trip in Hvannasund” for more details. If weather is not suitable in either Árnafjørður or Hvannasund, we will cancel the tour and refund you the full ammount. We will inform you as early as possible if any changes will be made.

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