Guide to Kunoy

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KunoyKunoy island. Photo by struijlaart on Flickr.

When exploring the Faroe Islands, whether as a local or a foreigner, it is almost impossible to avoid the lively vibes from the unspoiled nature and the fierce sea surrounding the islands. After stepping out of the airplane, you can immediately feel the incredibly fresh air rushing down your lungs.

One of my favourite places to spend time when I travel to the Faroe Islands are in the Northern Islets - Norðuroyggjar. Let me guide you to Kunoy island.

Á Seiðaberg on Kunoy island

Harbour in KunoyGet yourself a fishing rod and enjoy the surroundings here at the harbour in Kunoy. Photo by @rabs.photo on Instagram.

Let's begin with the place where I last year had a wonderful time with my family - Kunoy! Me and my relatives often go there for fishing whereafter we cook what we have caught.

At any given time you can be surprised of which kind of fish you are going to catch when you go fishing in the Faroe Islands, but one thing is certain - the fish has been living in a very clean sea environment and is as fresh and delicious as can be. It mostly happens to be coal fish but sometimes other fish species appear.

Kunoy villageOne of the best things about Kunoy is the serenity in the village. You will really enjoy it once you are there.

Among locals this is called to go on ''seiðaberg'', which directly translated means to go to the fishing place on the shore. Faroe Islanders mostly eat fish with potatoes, root vegetables and maybe sauce along with it, all depending on the kind of fish being eaten.

For people like me who are very much into gastronomy it is always fascinating to try new things from the Faroese nature, like herbs and berries - in spite of the cold weather there are actually numerous different edible plants growing in the wild on the Faroe Islands. 

The village Kunoy

House in KunoyMake sure to see this charming old house in Kunoy. Photo by @zobolondon on Instagram.

When we spend our day in Kunoy it is very relaxing to just listen to the sea waves, the birds, the wind, and just being in the moment far away from a stressful daily life. We always bring some food, beverage, coffee and cookies with us since there is no shop, restaurant or café in the village. 

The scenery of the Northern Islands is spectacular with many often white mountain peaks on Kalsoy and green valleys in Kunoy village itself. From Kunoy island you will have a fantastic view of the neighbouring island Kalsoy and the villages there.

In the village Kunoy there are also a few of the small houses with grass roof, which were very much in use in earlier times in the Faroe Islands. You will still find lots of grass roofed houses in all villages.

Despite the very little amount of trees in the Faroe Islands, there is one small forest in Kunoy which is very nice for a walk. You can also enjoy the church in Kunoy with the massive rock wall in the background.

How to get to Kunoy

KunoyThe island of Kunoy. Photo by @philippfrerich on Instagram.

Kunoy islands is easy to reach since it has road connections with Klaksvík via Haraldssund. The entire island itself is also very good for hiking tours although this is advised to do with an experienced tour guide as Kunoy also can be dangerous for hikers. 

The Faroe Islands are full of contrasts when comparing for example the capital, Tórshavn, with a small and authentic village like Kunoy. Here we are talking about the down to earth, peaceful country side way of living in comparison with the urbanised way of life.

KunoyThere is a calmness difficult to describe when going on a stroll out of the village. You will be awarded with memorable views like this one.

Kunoy is also an excellent place for photographing, whether it be inside or outside the village. From Tórshavn Kunoy can be reached directly by car or by bus operated by the public owned company "Strandfaraskip Landsins".

The driving distance from Tórshavn to Kunoy is one hour and fifteen minutes. Roads are great all the way to Kunoy.