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9 Reasons to Visit Faroe Islands as a Landscape Photographer
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9 Reasons to Visit Faroe Islands as a Landscape Photographer

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HvíthamarThe Faroe Islands come with such beauty that it is hard to describe your feelings when back at home. That is why I brought my camera to show you some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. This is my impression of the Faroe Islands as a landscape photographer.

Far away from noise and crowded streets, you will find silence and serenity. The Faroe Islands are a photographer's dream and such an unspoiled destination. The amazing landscape and the extraordinary nature is what makes the Faroe Islands a place you want to visit.

I have listed nine locations in the Faroe Islands that took my breath away and which make up 9 reasons to visit these rugged islands as a landscape photographer or someone who simply loves the outdoors!

1. Lake Sørvágsvatn and Bøsdalafossur Waterfall

SørvágsvatnThe Lake above the ocean is one of the most unrealistic sights in the world. Standing in front of Sørvágsvatn is breathtaking.

You will find Sørvágsvatn on Vágar island between the airport where all flights to the Faroe Islands arrive  and the village Miðvágur. After a calm walk along the lake for one hour, you will get to an unbelievable attraction filled with all those things that make photographers and other travellers eager to set their wanderlust free. 

From the top of the Trælanípan cliff, you will experience the scenic lake above the ocean. Sørvágsvatn also known as Leitisvatn looks as if it is located way above sea level even though it is less than 100 feet from the Atlantic Ocean.

Make sure to get the perfect angel to shoot the lake. When you find the right angel, Lake Sørvágsvatn looks as if it is hanging much higher above the ocean than it actually is. I could stand here for hours simply soaking in the beauty of this place.

2. Múlafossur Waterfall and Gásadalur village

Gásadalur waterfallThe picturesque village Gásadalur. The Gásadalur waterfall is a must-do attraction to experience.

Múlafossur waterfall in Gasadalur was one of my main reasons for coming to the Faroe Islands. I wanted to capture this scenic location. It is a jaw-dropping place to visit.

The waterfall splashing into the Atlantic Ocean is such a fantastic scenery. Add to this experience one of many picturesque villages on these islands. This must be a magic place to visit in winter. I explored Gásadalur waterfall in summer and it was great.

Scenic routes in the Faroe Islands are called Buttercup routes. Of cause Gásadalur is such a route. Before you get to this village, you will go through one of the newest tunnels in the Faroe Islands. The tunnel has only one lane, but it is good. Make sure to follow some simple rules for driving in tunnels. Basically, you just need to drive to the side when you encounter oncoming traffic. There are several stops inside the tunnel.

If you are renting a car in the Faroe Islands, this is a great first stop to do as the site is only a 15 minutes drive from the airport. If you do not bring your own car, make sure to book a transfer from Vágar to Tórshavn where most travellers find their accommodation in the Faroe Islands.

3. Saksun

Church in SaksunYou are gonna love the serene experience in Saksun. This church has such a great view of the untouched surroundings.

Saksun is a great photo location on Streymoy island. There are so many opportunities here to get quality photos with waterfalls and steep mountains. The white church with a lovely grass roof sits alone on the plain covered in green. 

The lagoon in Saksun is epic. When the tide is low, you will have the chance to walk along the seaside to reach the beach. You can also get a glimpse of this beach when standing in Dúvugarðar among all the turf roofed houses there. Dúvugarðar is next to the church in Saksun.

There are not a lot of houses in this villages but those who are there are all picturesque. You will enjoy the scene in Saksun and also the route when approaching the village from the valley.

4. Hvíthamar above Funningur

FunningsfjørðurThe stunning view of Funningsfjørður. The hike to Hvíthamar above Funningur is uphill for only 10 minutes.

Funningur is a tiny village which lies next to the village Gjógv both on the island Eysturoy. You have most likely seen pictures of the fjord stretching its way along peaky mountains. There is often fog around the peaks which will also make a great photo. The weather in the Faroe Islands is ever changing. Make sure to check the weather before going out with your camera gear. 

You will drive next to the tallest mountain Slættaratindur which means "the Flat summit". After a scenic drive over the village Funningur with the winding road, you will stop at a parking lot right next to a fence. The parking lot is on the mountain pass to Gjógv.

Simply walk along the fence for 10 minutes to reach the scenery. This is one of the most breathtaking experiences I have had as a photographer. These surroundings are simply stunning. 

5. Gjógv

GjógvThe drive down the valley to Gjógv is amazing. The road is quite narrow but in good condition.

Gjogv is a remote and picturesque village on Eysturoy island. There is a nice parking lot just upon arrival in the village. This is the most practical location to park when in Gjógv. 

This is a moody village with lots of options for photographers. You can take a great picture inside the gorge at the end of the village towards the seaside. Another possibility is to take a snap of the gorge from the top of the gorge. Also, you can walk for a couple of minutes and enjoy a great view of the ravine with the village nestled in the background. 

There is a local Gjáargarður Guesthouse where you can have a meal and some coffee and tea. During the summer months, there is small shop near the gorge where you can enjoy a cup of espresso. 

6. Mykines Faroe Islands Puffin Island

Puffin in MykinesMykines is known for all the puffins. There are literally hundred of thousand of them nesting and breeding during the summer months from May to late August. 

Mykines is the westernmost island and is the perfect place to see puffins. Once you reach Mykines, you can go for a hike to the islet Mykineshólmur crossing an epic bridge along the way. On the very tip of this islet, there is a lighthouse definitely worth visiting. You will feel true happiness when standing on this location overlooking the wide ocean, the lush green island and the remote lighthouse.

You can get to Mykines either by ferry or helicopter. I would recommend the ferry as there are only very few seats available when booking the helicopter to Mykines. 

A great way to experience this puffin wonderland is by booking a Mykines tour. There are several tours to Mykines that will include a tour guide and ferry ticket. You will even have the chance to stay overnight on this magical island.

7. Kalsoy - Kallur Lighthouse

Kallur LighthouseWhat a sight. When hiking on Kalsoy island to Kallur Lighthouse, you will be rewarded with stunning nature.

The island Kalsoy is firmly nestled between the neighbouring islands Kunoy and Eysturoy. There are four villages and many beautiful places on this island. All four villages are charming. You can access all villages easily due to several tunnels. The most famous attraction on Kalsoy is the lighthouse at the northern end of the island. 

In order to reach Kallurin, you will start the hike from Trollanes, which is the northernmost village on the Kalsoy island. If you like to know exactly where you are hiking and want to be told some of the local stories, you can find a variety of Kallur Lighthouse tours

You will reach Kalsoy in a small ferry departing from Klaksvík a couple of times a day. The boat ride from Klaksvík takes only 20 minutes. You can find more pictures from the trip on my instagram profile.

8. Klaksvík - Klakkur

KlakkurThis boat has the privilege of sailing in these blue waters. Green hillsides and intense colours in the sea are what you will see during summer in the Faroe Islands.  

When in Klaksvík, you can also go on an adventure to the nearby mountain Klakkur. The sight is near the village and the hike up the small mountain of Klakkur is pretty easy. This is a hike for all ages and you will be rewarded with a breathtaking panoramic view of the islands in the north. You can read more about Klakkur and other places in the Faroe Islands on my travel blog.

As always, be careful when walking in the mountains. There can be porous basalt stones on the mountainside. The best way to avoid inconvenient situations is to be well prepared before going outdoors and to have the right hiking gear

9. Drangarnir and Tindhólmur

Drangarnir Faroe IslandsDrangarnir is such a lovely sight. Behind the sea-stacks is the islet Tindhólmur.

One attraction which has gained some attention by travellers is the Drangarnir sea-stack. I found the scenery awesome. There are actually two rocky formations. But the larger one with a hole in the middle is the most famous one.

The locals call these two sea-stacks Stóri Drangur and Lítli Drangur which means the Large sea-stack and the Small sea-stack. You will also have a nice view of Tindhólmur islet when exploring Drangarnir.

The Faroe Islands are a seventh heaven for landscape photographers. Now, you can check out all Faroe Islands tours and start your adventure to this spectacular place on earth.