3 easy hiking trails in the Faroe Islands

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Are you planning to go hiking in Faroe Islands? Where are the most beautiful paths in Faroe Islands to amble? Continue reading to discover three great hikes in Faroe Islands.

The Faroe Islands are full of great hikes, places to hill walk and wanders to explore first-hand. Experiencing the Faroe Islands by foot means mighty mountain escapes, lots of exciting hillside paths and coastal walks to meander along.

The Faroe Islands is an absolute dream destination to hike. With world-class attractions on every corner, the biggest challenge is to choose your hikes to do. We have hand-picked three breathtakingly beautiful hikes for you to walk whenever you visit the Faroe Islands. All three hikes are unmissable if you are a true nature adventurer.

There are more than 300 mountains in the Faroe Islands rising from the sea on all 18 islands. These three hikes are all easy to complete. They will secure you untouched nature and vast landscapes with great photo opportunities.

1. Hvíthamar

Hvíthamar - Guide to Faroe Islands
​The wondrous view from Hvíthamar. Photo by Carlos Pimentel known as @carlospimentel__ on Instagram.

A great hiking destination is Hvíthamar just above the little village of Funningur on Eysturoy island. Near the mountain, Middagsfjall, you will get an epic view of Funningsfjørður, which is one of the most beloved fjords in the Faroe Islands.

To reach Hvíthamar, you will hike for only 15 minutes from the parking area by the road leading to the village Gjógv. You will find the parking area at the highest point between the villages Funningur and Gjógv.

It is important to notice that the hike starts from the mountain pass between the two villages Funningur and Gjógv. There is a parking lot here 3 kilometres before you reach Gjógv. This is where you will start your hike. Follow the fence here up to Hvíthamar.

The short hike uphill to Hvíthamar is one of the most popular and best attractions in the Faroe Islands. You will be mesmerised by the view of nature from the mountain ridge just above the village Funningur. 

When at Hvíthamar you can also look north a get the most fantastic views. Even though the most renowned sight is the one towards the fjord and sometimes with the village Funningur on your right hand side, turning north gives you stunning vistas too.

The road along the Funningsfjørður fjord leads to Funningsbotnur. Occasionally, small boats sail in the fjord which just adds to the epic view. 

2. Slættaratindur

Look around and take a deep breath. Slættaratindur is the highest mountain in the Faroe Islands. Elevating 880 meters above sea level, this is a magnificent hike. On the top of the Faroe Islands, you will be rewarded with an overwhelming impression overlooking peaks in all directions.

Slættur means flatt and indeed the summit is smooth enough for Faroese dancing and for photo opportunities in all directions. Slættaratindur is accessible throughout the year but watch out for icy surface during winter.

The easiest route to the top is from Eiðisskarð mountain pass west of Funningur. Park your car at Eiðisskarð. Parking here will cut the climb to the top by half. You will hike 500 metres uphill. The hike will take 2 hours. See where to park in the map above.

3. Kallur Lighthouse

​The majestic view from Kallurin. The hike to this site is quite easy.

This is an iconic location in the Faroe Islands. Take the ferry from Klaksvík to Kalsoy. Remember to take a look at the English timetable to the ferry leading to Kalsoy. When you arrive at the island Kalsoy, head towards Trøllanes.

The hike to Kallur Lighthouse takes approximately 40 minutes from the village of Trøllanes. Kallurin and the iconic lighthouse is a must-see location in the Faroe Islands.

Relax and soak in the beautiful surroundings. You will park at a parking lot in the village Trøllanes from where the hiking adventure to the scenery at Kallurin starts.

Inspired to climb these incredible nature attractions? Make sure to browse the widest selection of guided hikes in the Faroe Islands right away and take the next step.

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