Vágsbotnur (Photo: Arne List)

Top things to do in the Faroe Islands

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Find out what to do and what to discover in the Faroe Islands in this top list of things to do and see in the Faroe Islands. 

So whether you have already booked your trip or still planning, let us guide you through some best things to do in one of the world's most unique destinations.

1. Walk the historic streets of Tinganes

Tinganes (Photo: Arne List)Tinganes. The red buildings are home to the government. There are small black houses just nearby in the Reyni district and people live in these small houses.

Allow yourself some time to wander around the historic part of Tórshavn among the small grass roofed houses and cozy small streets. The history of Tinganes goes back hundreds of years to Viking times. 

Tinganes used to be the place for the annual gathering of the local Viking chiefs. Today the area houses the Faroese Prime minister's office and other parts of the government.

This unique part of the Faroe Islands also houses some of the best restaurants in the country including Barbara Fish House, Áarstova and Ræst. 

The area is small so you can make it around easily in half an hour on your own. Or choose one of the guided tours and explore the history and old tales from this historic part of Torshavn.

2. Go hiking and see the fjords

Saksun (photo: Stig Nygaard)

All the islands in the Faroese archipelago are small and narrow, so the ocean is never far away. Go hiking in the mountains and you will see how the ocean calmly flows into beautiful fjords and gorges surrounded by the rugged Faroese mountains. These views have inspired artists and travelers for a hundred years and are guaranteed to make a lasting impression.

Drive and do the short hike to one of the easily accessible fjords such as Saksun or take the 2 hour hike to the unspoiled and uninhabited Sjeyndir north of Tjørnuvík, a sight you will never forget.

3. Visit Kirkjubøur

Kirkjubøur (photo: BriYYZ)

Walk along the historic route across the mountain from Torshavn or take the 10 minute drive to the most important historic site in the Faroe Islands, Kirkjubøur. Here you will find the ruins of the Magnus Cathedral, the Saint Olav's Church (Olavskirkjan), and the old 11th century farmhouse that still houses the local farmer and his family. Book your excursion to Kirkjubøur.

4. Explore Faroese art

Listasavn Føroya (photo: Maciej Brencz)

Visit Listasavn Føroya for a taste of the best artistst hat the Faroe Islands have fostered. Enjoy the monumental works of the greatest Faroese painter of all time Samal Joensen-Mikines, the abstractionist Ingolvur av Reyni or the modern pop art of Edvard Fuglø, all of which are well represented in the Faroese Art Museum, Listasavn Føroya.

5. Enjoy lunch at Vágsbotnur Marina

Vágsbotnur (Photo: Arne List)

Sit down at one of the cafe's and restaurants located in the beautiful and harmonic former warehouses in Vágsbotnur. On a sunny day you can enjoy the all-day sun and the ocean breeze while watching the world go slowly by in front of you.

Local fisherman sell their catch of the day on the small but popular fish market, and the small Faroese leisure boats lay moored side by side with the larger visting sailboats that have braved the Atlantic Ocean to now lay tranquilly at Vágsbotnur Marina.

In Vágsbotnur you can join Norðlýsið for a 3 hours sailing trip in the easily recognisable blue boat.