4 best music venues in the Faroe Islands

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Where are the best venues for live music in the Faroe Islands? Let us look at the best indoor places for listening to music in the Faroe Islands. 

The music scene in the Faroe Islands is vibrant and full of energetic bands and solo artists. Here is a shortlist of the 4 best live venues to visit while you are in the Faroe Islands.

1. Blábar
4 best music venues in the Faroe Islands

Blábar is a newly established, stylish bar and music venue in the city centre of Tórshavn. This cosy bar features live music, especially jazz and blues. Great concerts are held here throughout the year.

Blábar was established because the owners wanted to offer the local audience and travellers a place where they can experience good live music and taste local food and beverages.

4 best music venues in the Faroe Islands

Blábar is the Faroese word for Blues bar. Inform yourself about the line-up at Blábar.

Besides great music, you can also enjoy a minimalistic menu offering local food products and local beers. Blábar is open all days in the week.

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2. Maggies on the island of Nólsoy

4 best music venues in the Faroe Islands

Do you want an unparalleled music experience away from the hectic everyday life? Then go to Nólsoy the island just outside the capital Tórshavn. In Nólsoy you will find the truly special place Maggies. This music venue is an idealistic project launched by a local pop star Terji Rasmussen.

Maggies is situated in the hearth of the village of Nólsoy. When you look at it from the outside, it looks like an ordinary Faroese home. However, the basement is turned into a lovely bar and music venue.

This is a popular place for locals and it has become a trend for people from Tórshavn to take the short ferry ride from Tórshavn to Nólsoy and enjoy a concert at Maggies. Musicians love playing at Maggies – local bands and international artists alike. 

Concerts are often sold out so ensure your ticket by visiting Maggies on the web.

In the weekends Maggies serve a wonderful fish soup with the local catch of the day. The kitchen is open until 8 p.m.

Book a guided hiking tour to the southernmost point of Nólsoy where you will see the iconic lighthouse. When returning to the village of Nólsoy, you can drop by Maggies. And if you are lucky you will experience a live act.

3. Reinsaríið
4 best music venues in the Faroe Islands

It used to be a laundry for many years. Now it hs been turned into a music venue with live bands performing almost every day in the week.

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4. The Irish Pub
4 best music venues in the Faroe Islands

Do you visit the local Irish pub wherever you are in the world? The Faroe Islands has one as well. This is a popular local spot where you’ll meet local Faroe islanders enjoying a local crafted beer or an Irish ditto

Irish Pub Føroyar
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The capital of Tórshavn is the finest music hub in the Faroe Islands, so if you are into live music do visit these concert venues’ websites and plan a night out in Tórshavn.

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Between the evening concerts at the different music venues, we suggest you spend the day exploring the Faroe Islands. Here is our suggestion of the best tours and activities in the Faroe Islands.