Get paid to refer travelers to Guide to Faroe Islands

Get paid to help travelers coming to the Faroe Islands

Did you know you can help travelers in the Faroe Islands to find great tours and activities to book and get paid for your efforts? Sign up as a Guide to Faroe Islands affiliate and start spreading the news about the great tours on offer - we will pay you a share of all tours that are booked by travelers that you refer to the site.

Here is how to get started:

Step 1: Set up your account

If you don’t have an existing affiliate account with us, you can set it up here. If you are a local and want a blog on Guide to Faroe Islands for increased exposure, you can create one here. If you are already a travel blogger or influencer and want an affiliate account you can sign up for one here

Step 2: Get your commission links

Once you log in to your account, you can see a “$” sign on all the product boxes as well as on the right hand side of every page of the Guide to Faroe Islands website, as shown below:

If you click on the “$” sign, you will see a page as below:

The link in the pop-up box is your commission link to this specific page. Our system tracks users who use your commission links. Once they click your commission link, any sales from this particular user in the next 7 days will be credited to your commission account. You can copy the link in the pop-up box by clicking on it. Your commission is 5% from tours. 

Step 3: Share the commission links around

Some tips to get you started on making money:

  • Use your existing Faroe Islands related content on your own blog, website or social media pages and just add the commission links to them.

  • Be relevant and use them only when you are directing to good information that is related to your content. While it’s good to have the links everywhere, the users are more likely to click on them when it’s relevant and useful for them. 

  • Be specific. Share a few specific tours or packages for travelers to consider. 

Step 4: Track your sales

Log in to your account. Click on your profile on the upper right corner of the website, then click “Admin”. You will see the interface below:

On the left hand side of the menu, click “Your Bookings - Overview”. You will see the page like below:


You can see your commission sales figures by month, as well as the individual sales down below.  You can learn your most popular products and see whether you want to push further on those products, or why certain products bring better sales than others.

Step 5: Claim your earnings

You can then send us monthly invoices with your earnings for products that have been booked and serviced. Please send these invoices to We can either wire transfer you the money or pay you with Paypal, depending on your preferences. Remember to include your bank details and account number if you choose the wire transfer, and your email if you choose Paypal. If you have any questions, let us know. Choose one of the following 3 accounts to get your commission links: 

But first, sign up to become a Guide to Faroe Islands affiliate 

  1. Sign up for an affiliate account.
  2. Sign up if you are an AirBnB host and want to earn money through a Guide to Faroe Islands affiliate account.
  3. Or sign up here for a local blog.