Information about Gjógv

By Verified Expert

Gjógv is the northernmost village on Eysturoy island. The serene village is a 50 minutes drive from Tórshavn.

The village bears its name from the beautiful 200 metre long gorge that the villagers have used as a natural harbour and landing ground for their boats for centuries. There are stairs all the way down into the gorge.

You will have a good view of the sheer westside of Kalsoy island when in Gjógv. The valley Ambadalur is situated in a northeastern direction from Gjógv. It takes roughly a one-hour hike to reach the valley where you will see the large sea stack Búgvin.

There are no more than 100 houses in Gjógv. You will also find the guesthouse Gjáargarður in this remote village.

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