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KalsoyYou will find the island Kalsoy in the northern part of the Faroe Islands. The island stretches over 18 km (11 miles) and there are 4 villages nestled in beautiful valleys. 

Roads and tunnels connect the villages on the island. The ferry to Kalsoy departs from the second largest town in the Faroe Islands, Klaksvík. The ferry arrives on the southernmost village on the island, Syðradalur.

From Syðradalur, you can drive north along the east side of the island with Kalsoyarfjørður fjord on your right hand side along the route. You will experience the two islands with the steepest mountains in the Faroe Islands – Kalsoy and Kunoy

Kalsoy has two famous sights one being the legendary Kallur lighthouse in the most northernly part of the island and the other attraction is the Seal Woman or Kópakonan in the village Mikladalur. The highest peak on Kalsoy is the beautiful Nestindar mountain which elevates up to 788 metres (2585 feet).

If you do not fancy narrow tunnels, you can park your car in the fishing town Klaksvík, which is situated on the nearby island Borðoy. From here you will take the public ferry SAM to Kalsoy island and then the public bus to the four small villages on the island.

Scenes in the 25th James Bond movie NO TIME TO DIE were filmed on Kalsoy island. The Faroe Islands James Bond sceneries were filmed in the northernmost village Trøllanes and around Kallur Lighthouse.

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Mikladalur is a village on Kalsoy island. Mikladalur means "the great valley" and is the largest of four villages on the island. There are several b...



A famous statue located in Mikladalur on the small island of Kalsoy. Kópakonan (the Seal Woman) is one of the best-known folk tales being told on th...



Trøllanes is the northernmost village on the island Kalsoy. Trøllanes is the village from where you will hike to Kallurin. The village lies in a deep...



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Húsar is a small village on the island kalsoy, which is one of the Northern Islands. In order to get to the text village after Húsar, you vill drive t...


Kallur Lighthouse

Kallurin is the northermost point on Kalsoy island. Here you will see the famous lighthouse and a breathtaking view. Kallur Lighthouse was built in...



Travellers visiting Elduvík will see how a traditional village in the Faroe Island is laid out. The houses stand as if they had been dropped from the...


Syðradalur (K)

Syðradalur is the southernmost village on the island Kalsoy in the northern part of the country. A beautiful small village. The village holds the o...



Gjógv is the northernmost village on Eysturoy island. The serene village is a one-hour drive from Tórshavn. The village bears its name from the bea...



This attraction above the village Funningur is one of the most popular short hiking trails in the Faroe Islands. You will have a great view of the F...



Funningur is according to legends the oldest village in the Faroe Islands. Funningur sits at the foot of Slættaratindur which is the highest mountai...


Road above Funningur

This iconic zigzagging road to the village Funningur has got much attention among travellers. You will get a great view of the sight from the road lea...



Borðoy is the main island in the Northern Islands. You will find Klaksvík on this island. Klaksvík is the second largest town i the Faroe Islands. T...



The viewpoint from Klakkur is among the most beautiful in the Faroe Islands. Klakkur lies only a short hike from second largest town Klaksvík on Bor...



The valley of Ambadalur is located a hours hike from the village of Gjógv on Eysturoy island. In Ambadalur you will have a great view over Búgvin th...



Leirvík is a village on Eysturoy island and the last village before entering the sub-sea tunnel to the Northern Islands. You can enter Leirvík either...



This is a large sea-stack north of the village Gjógv on Eysturoy island. In order to get a view of the rock formation, you will hike from Gjógv to t...



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This is one of the deepest fjords in the Faroe Islands. You will have an amazing view of Funningsfjørður fjord when you do a short hike to Hvíthamar...


Cape Enniberg

Cape Enniberg is a 754 metre vertical sea cliff making it the world's tallest vertical sea cliff. Enniberg is situated on the island Viðoy. Ennib...