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Information about Saksun


Saksun is a remote little village on Streymoy island with a unique location placed above a beautiful lagoon. The lagoon used to form a good natural harbour, but during a storm it was blocked with sand.

The sand filled lagoon is now drawing people from near and far to admire its beauty. The lagoon filles up with seawater two times every day.

A favourite day trip destination among locals and tourists alike. At low tide locals flock to the tiny village to walk along the shore of the lagoon to the beach.

The village includes a turf-roofed church and a village museum. There are some lovely turf houses in the Dúvugarðar settlement in Saksun as well as some stunning waterfalls along the steep mountain sides.


There is a hiking opportunity to the nearby village Tjørnuvík. The hike is done along the old mountain trail between Dúvugarðar and Tjørnuvík. There are cairns along the route to guide you.

You will reach Saksun when heading in a western direction for 10 minutes from the village Hvalvík. Saksun is a 50 minutes drive from Tórshavn.