Information about Tjørnuvík


This is the northernmost village on Streymoy island. Tjørnuvík is nestled in a deep valley with no other villages in sight. It takes an hour to drive from the capital Tórshavn to Tjørnuvík.

This iconic village with a direct view of the sea stacks Risin & Kellingin is a must-see spot to visit in the Faroe Islands. Standing in Tjørnuvík will give you a feeling of immense serenity. Hence, Tjørnuvík is one of the most frequently visited villages in the Faroe Islands.

There is a lovely beach in the village which is the most popular surfing spot in the Faroe Islands. On most days there will be skies hanging above the village due to the hight of the surrounding mountains. 

There is a public hiking path between Tjørnuvík and Saksun. The trek takes three hours and can be done all year round at no cost.

If you want to experience the attraction Mýlingur, the hike to this spiky mountain and sheer cliff starts from Tjørnuvík. Hiking to Mýlingur takes two hours.

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