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VelbastaðurThis village on the western side of Streymoy island is a 15 minutes drive from Tórshavn. Velbastaður has a great view of the two islands Hestur and Koltur. Velbastaður is best known for its brewery Okkara. This small suburb to Tórshavn is part of the Municipality of Tórshavn.

One of the most popular things to do in Velbastaður is a home visit to Anna and Óli in their house set on the hillside with a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean and nearby islands. The couple is part of the Faroese concept Heimablidni where you are invited into a local home and the hosts will serve locally sourced food.

Farming Faroe IslandsAs many Faroe Islanders Anna and Óli are part-time farmers. Photo by Gabriel Nivera. 

Anna and Óli started their supper club in 2012. The menu is centred around the Faroese food tradition and includes beverages from the local brewery Okkara. Dining here is a great Nordic food experience.

When heading south from Velbastaður on the western coast of Streymoy island, you will get to Gamlarætt where the ferry to Sandoy island departs. Further south lies the historic village Kirkjubøur.

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