Information about Vestmanna Bird Cliffs


These cliffs are one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Faroe Islands. Boat tours are made from April to September to Vestmanna Bird Cliffs  and departs from the village Vestmanna. It takes less than half an hour to sail to the sheer cliffs, sea stacks rising sky-high from the ocean, and dark basalt grottos.

Vestmanna Bird Cliffs are known as Vestmannabjørgini by the locals. These cliffs make up 5 kilometre of the coastline on Streymoy island north of Vestmanna. There is a fantastic wildlife here as birds are nesting in the cliffs and thrive flying in the untouched surroundings.

Boat tours to the Vestmanna Sea Cliffs take two hours. Weather permitting, you will sail into natural grottos and caves formed by the waves crashing into the rock walls.

Along the way to the sea cliffs, you will have Vágar island on your left hand side. The nearest village not far from the cliffs is Saksun lying deep into a narrow strait that leads to a natural tidal lagoon.

In order to reach Vestmanna where the boat the the cliffs depart, you will drive for 40 minutes from Tórshavn or Vágar Airport. There are lots of parking spaces on the harbour in Vestmanna next to where the boat journey to Vestmanna Birds Cliffs start. 

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