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How do you find flights to Faroe Islands from North America? Which airlines fly to the Faroe Islands? Did you know you have a choice between to airlines in order to reach this unbelievable archipela
The Faroe Islands only have one airport. What is the fastest way to get from Vagar Airport to Tórshavn? What transfer options are available from Vágar to Tórshavn city centre? Here is your guide to
Wondering what are the best hotels in the Faroe Islands? Where to stay in Tórshavn?  We guide you to the best accommodation in the Faroe Islands. Find your preferred option, the luxury hotels, value h
The Faroe Islands are one of the most unknown places on earth. This also means that this archipelago is still quite untouched. So where are the Faroe Islands actually located on a map?You might have
Where can you find the Faroe Islands on a map? The Faroe Islands are 18 rocky islands in the wild North Atlantic Ocean nestled halfway between Iceland and Scotland. This archipelago in the outskirts o
Getting to the Faroe Islands has become easier in recent years but still requires some planning. How long does it take to get to the Faroe Islands on a plane? Are daily flights available all year? And
Where can I find hotels Faroe Islands? Where can I stay in the Faroe Islands. Use this article to find the accommodation in the Faroe Islands that best suits your preferences; cheap, comfort or luxury
Do I need a visa to visit Faroe Islands? Where do I apply for a visa for Faroe Islands? Do you see yourself enjoying a holiday in Faroe Islands in the near future and want to know the visa requireme
What is the weather like in the Faroe Islands? Which clothes would suit the weather in the Faroe Islands? Here is your short guide to the weather in the Faroe Islands.Whether you visit Faroe Islands
Wondering what would be the best time to visit the Faroe Islands? Here are our tips and expert advice to guide you through pros and cons of the different seasons in the Faroe Islands.Visiting the Fa
Tourism in the Faroe Islands has been on a rise in recent year. What do Faroe Islanders love about tourists in Faroe Islands? How can you be even more welcomed as a tourist?Learn about Faroe Islands
Which sights are popular in Vestmanna? Are there cafés and restaurants in the village? Which kind of tourist attractions can be found in Vestmanna? And how do I get to Vestmanna from Tórshavn? Find
Why are the Faroe Islands closing down for tourists for a weekend in April? What can you do to help preserve the Faroe Islands as an unspoiled destination? What tours and excursions are open rest of t
As a first-time traveller to Faroe Islands, what should you be aware of? Are there some travel tips that can make you well-prepared for your Faroe Islands vacation? Here are 18 things every traveller
What are the essential things to pack and wear when exploring the Faroe Islands? Wondering which clothing to take with you on your Faroe Islands vacation? Should your travel bag reflect the different
What is there to do and see in Faroe Islands in June? What is Faroe Islands' weather like in June? Can you experience the midnight sun during peak of summer? What wildlife can you see? Continue readin