Transport from Vagar Airport to Torshavn

The Faroe Islands only have one airport. What is the fastest way to get from the airport to Tórshavn? Here is your guide to get from the airport to the capital in the Faroe Islands.

At the Faroe Islands airport in Vagar, there are several opportunities for you to shuttle to Tórshavn where most travellers want to stay when doing their itinerary in the Faroe Islands. We recommend you to either:

There is only one airport in the Faroe Islands. If you take the flight to the Faroe Islands, you will arrive at Vágar airport.

Rent a car

If you like the feeling of being able to get around easily and whenever you want, a car rental is probably the best solution for you as a car will take you everywhere you want to go in the Faroe Islands. There are no parking fees in the Faroe Islands except at the parking lot at the airport. You will find several car rental companies at the airport. Choose one and head for your first destination.

There are over 20 tunnels in the Faroe Islands. The tunnels are free of charge except the two sub-sea tunnels which will charge you approximately 15 USD equivalent to 13 EUR. The car rental companies will offer you to include sub-sea tunnel add on when booking your car. This comes at an extra price. Alternatively, you can drive through the tunnel and then stop by a gas station where you can pay for the journey under the sea. In most cases the latter opportunity will be the most economical choice.

The automatic system in the sub-sea tunnel has registered your passage. You need to do the payment in a petrol station within three days. 

Many visitors will drive to Tórshavn as their first pit stop on their journey in the Faroe Islands. The map below shows you how to get from Vágar airport to the capital Tórshavn.

When leaving the airport you will drive 17 kilometres on the island of Vágar. Then you will enter a 5 km long subsea tunnel. When you get out of the subsea tunnel, you will drive for 1 km and then reach a short tunnel. Then you drive 6 km and reach a longer tunnel that stretches over 3 km. Finally you will drive 10 km and reach Tórshavn.

The speed limitation alternates between 50 km/h and 80 km/h. The speed limit is typically 50 km/h in cities and villages and 80 km/h as you drive between cities and villages.

Public Bus transport

The public busses are easily recognisable with their blue colour. The public busses do not departure after all flight arrivals so remember to check the schedule at

How to get from Vágar airport to Tórshavn

A one way ticket with the blue busses costs approximately 14 USD equivalent to 12 EUR. You can also buy a 4-day or 7-day Travel Card for respectively approximately 77 USD and 109 USD. There is a discount for children.

You can purchase a Travel Card at the information centre at the airport in Vagar. You will see the information centre as the first thing after you enter the arrival hall. The Travel Card can be used for all public busses as well as ferries and you can travel as much as you like on the blue busses and all ferries except the Mykines ferry. You can read more about the public travel card on the national transport company's website.  

The bus from the airport will drive you to the bus terminal in Tórshavn which is located at the harbour close to the city centre. You can see the bus terminal in Tórshavn in Google Street View.

Taxi transfer from Vágar Airport

Most locals take a cab from the airport to Tórshavn. This one way drive has a fixed price at 31 USD or 27 EUR. You need to book before arrival to make sure to get the ride to Tórshavn for 31 USD. The cab drivers wait in the arrival hall and are more than willing to take you to Tórshavn.

Taking a cab is the fastest way of getting to and from the airport. No matter what time you arrive, the taxis are ready to get you to the capital. 

We recommend you to book your cab with City Taxi before you arrive in the Faroe islands. All cars are comfortable and good. City Taxi will make sure to bring you to Tórshavn for the fixed price of 31 USD. The company will drive you all the way to the door wherever you are staying in Tórshavn.

Alternatively, you can chose the company Auto. You will find it easy to remember Auto's phone number: +298 666666.    


As tourism is still quite small in the Faroe Islands, locals will stop to take you on a ride. You can expect to stand on the side of the road for only a couple of minutes before you are sitting in a car with a friendly local driver. This is the cheapest and most authentic way to approach the capital from Vagar Airport.