Is Faroe Islands Worth Visiting?

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Are you thinking about going to the Faroe Islands? Wondering how it is like experiencing the nature in the hidden Nordic archipelago? Here are some insights about Faroe Islands worth knowing before you decide whether to travel to unspoiled nature.

The Faroe Islands is a place where few people have been. The far-flung archipelago is the most stunning piece of nature that you will ever see far away from well-travelled spots. The unfathomable beauty of the Faroe Islands is still a well kept secret.

Less than 53,000 people live in the cluster of sparsely populated islands that make up the Faroe Islands. Not many more on this planet have travelled here to feel and experience them. You will get super inspired when you see this less travelled path.

GasadalurThe village Gásadalur and the tidefall Múlafossur. Photo by p_kuzovkova on Instagram.

Faroe Islands is all about slow travel, grass-topped cabins, untamed wilderness, and dramatic landscapes. You will see rolling green hills in summer and rising waves during winter.

A trip to the secluded Faroe Islands is for those longing to take a step back and recharge. Travellers choose the Faroe Islands to slow down and relax.

When you venture out in the Faroese nature, you will see meandering coasts and unbelievable tidefall that will stay in your mind for the decades to come. In this remote corner of the world, you are sure to be fascinated and inspired when standing in front of sheer cliffs or in a remote settlement dotted with sod roofed houses.

Bordoy islandView from Borðy island near Klaksvík. Photo by Daryl Scott Walker known as @darylswalker on Instagram.

There are so many unspoiled landscapes to enjoy. All the mesmerizing sceneries come with an unmatched quietness. 

The unbelievable mountains of the rural interior make up moments that you want to tell and show other people who have not been in the Faroe Islands themselves. Exploring the untamed nature at your own pace and marvel at the wonders at every corner is a magical experience.

When to Visit Faroe Islands

Sheep Faroe IslandsSheep in the Faroe Islands. Photo by p_kuzovkova on Instagram.

The Faroe Islands are well worth a visit throughout the year. Whether you explore the islands during the long summer days of eternal daylight or during the windswept winter months, the Faroe Islands will fill you with peace. A journey to the Faroe Islands will take you to the roots of Nordic happiness.

So how does it feel visiting the Faroe Islands? Experiencing Faroe Islands is all about:


  • Breath of fresh air
  • Moments of silence
  • Unobstructed sea views
  • Enjoyment of simple living
  • Reconnecting with the wild
  • Proximity to all things natural
  • Reclaiming engagement with nature

You will find tranquillity in the Faroe Islands and you will get that special feeling of being far away. You do not need to go far to surround yourself with serenity as the islands are rich in natural wonders.

Once you leave the airport terminal and start your journey to your first stop in the Faroe Islands, the tranquility is there. As you get older, you just want to be free. This is what you will be immediately once you step on Faroese soil and drive away from the airport.

Hexagonal house Faroe IslandA hexagonal shack between the villages Kvívík and Vestmanna. Photo by p_kuzovkova on Instagram.

More than anything, what you will learn from a trip to Faroe Islands is to appreciate freedom and quietness. The lack of noise and abundant timelessness is much appreciated by all travellers to the untouched archipelago in the North Atlantic.

There are billions of people in the world and if you want to experience the roads less travelled, you want to visit Faroe Islands. You will feel privileged being in an uncrowded place with unbelievable nature.

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