Sea stacks are a natural wonder. You will find these fantastic rock formations along the shoreline in the Faroe Islands. Here is a guide to five sea stacks that will make a lasting impression.

1. Drangarnir

DrangarnirDrangarnir Faroe Islands. The Faroe Islands are still a fairly new destination. Drangarnir is one of the main reasons why people are starting to notice this unspoiled Nordic archipelago.

Drangarnir has risen to prominence. You might have seen the iconic sea-stack with a hole in it on Instagram. Photographers and travellers alike want to experience this unreal natural phenomenon on Vágar island. The grassy hillside in the outfield to this famous spot is owned by a local farmer. You will need permission to do the 3 hours hike each way. The most secure and pleasant way to experience Drangarnir close up is to jump onboard a Drangarnir boat tour departing from the harbour in Sørvágur. 

Some tourists have tried the hike on their own. This is not permitted and you will definitely understand why when taking the long way to this attraction.

If you want to see Drangarnir but do not want to risk what it takes to do the hike, you will also have a beautiful view of Drangarnir from the village Bøur. This village is just a short drive from where all flights to the Faroe Islands land.    

2. Risin & Kellingin

Risin og KellinginThis view of Risin & Kellingin is from the village Tjørnuvík. You can also see these sea-stacks outside the village EIði on Eysturoy island.

Close to the precipitous cliffs of Kollur on the northern coast of Eysturoy island stand the famous landmarks of Risin & Kellingin. The Giant & his Wife. The sea has worn a hole through Kelllingin, so that she has two feet to stand on.

The Giant stands 232 feet tall and his Wife stands 223 feet above sea level. This is a highly recommendable sight. You have to see this iconic view soon as geologists predict that the Wife is on the verge of tumbling down within a few decades.

You will have the best view towards these two sea stacks from the village of Tjørnuvík, the northernmost village on the island of Streymoy. No hiking required. You can also experience these two sea stacks from Eiðiskollur not far away from the village Eiði on Eysturoy island.

3. Ásmundarstakkur

Ásmundarstakkur on SuðuroyPanorama view of Ásmundarstakkur.

When on the southernmost island Suðuroy, take your time to watch the sea-stack Ásmundarstakkur. This steep basalt stack on the western coastline is a must-see sight when in Suðuroy. Erosion and weathering has shaped this magnificent sea-stack.

In order to get to Ásmundarstakkur you will drive to the most northernly village Sandvík and from there drive on an old road leading to the west side of the island. Hiking to Ásmundarstakkur is easy from the end of the road. From the edge of the cliff, you will have a panorama view of Ásmundarstakkur.

4. Trøllkonufingur

TrollkonufingurTrollkonufingur on Vágur island. You can drive almost all the way to the location where you will have the best view of 

Guarding the twin bays of Sandavágur and Miðvágur is the slim, 313-metre-high needle of Trøllkonufingur – the Troll Woman’s Finger. It is possible to land on the foot of the stack, but you will get the best view of this spectacular rock formation from land.

You would think that this thorn-tall sea-stack is only for birds. However, a group of Faroese mountain climbers managed to get to the very top of this basalt spike. These guys made a documentary where you will see how they managed to reach the top within one and a half day.  

This is a legendary scenery only a 5 minutes’ drive from the village Sandavágur. You can drive almost to the viewpoint and it only take you a couple of minutes to walk the last stretch.

Faroe Islanders have always enjoyed the view of Trøllkonufingur. You will definitely also applause the beauty of this tall rock formation.

5. Búgvin

BúgvinBúgvin sea-stack is packed with birds.

In the beautiful valley of Ambadalur you will get a striking view of Búgvin, at 188 metre the highest vertical freestanding sea stack in the Faroe Islands. This immense sea stack is a safe haven for seabirds. It has large colonies of guillemots and kittiwakes.

The valley of Ambadalur is an one hour hike from the village of Gjógv. The hike is absolutely worth the time and effort.

Head towards northwest from Gjógv and you will reach Ambadalur and you will be awarded with the best view of Búgvin. And you will even see Risin & Kellingin in the background.

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