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Make the most out of your time in the Faroe Island with this 10-day self-drive tour. You will experience all the top attractions over the course of your holiday in the heart of the North Atlantic. 

This road trip is designed for those who want to visit as many of the main sights as possible. This extensive tour will let you do just that. You will see as many of the country's natural wonders as can fit into ten days.

The best thing about this self-drive tour is that you decide everything yourself and you can travel at your own pace. You will have the freedom to explore the islands just as you like.

This tour includes 9 nights in a 4 star hotel, a vehicle for 10 days and carefully selected guided tours to the best sceneries in undiscovered nature. Some of the absolute best adventures are included in this package such as a day tour to the puffin Island Mykines and an exclusive boat tour to the sea arch Drangarnir and countless other attractions.

Find yourself in the middle of untouched nature in the Faroe Islands with this 10-days self-drive tour. Grab the wheel and chance to have the perfect stay in the Faroe Islands. Check availability by choosing a date.


9 nights of accommodation in Tórshavn. Breakfast included.
Vehicle for 10 days (VW UP or similar. Upgrades available)
Self Risk Insurance
4 days with guided tours
Day tour to Mykines with tour guide
Boat tour to Drangarnir with tour guide
Guided hiking tour to Kallur Lighthouse
Guided boat tour to the Vestmanna Sea Cliffs
Hands-on travel agent to oversee your itinerary


Boat Trip
Cultural Activity
Bird Watching


Vestmanna Bird Cliffs
Kallur Lighthouse
Vágar Airport

Daily itinerary

Day 1
Tórshavn Package

Arrival in Faroe Islands

Welcome to the Faroe Islands! Collect your vehicle at Vágar Airport before driving to your hotel in the capital, Tórshavn.

After you have settled in you can start making the most of the cosy capital. There are several great restaurants in the city centre.

Tórshavn is located in the middle of the Faroe Islands and is the perfect base for you to embark on exciting day adventures in the Faroese nature. You will stay at a four star hotel in Tórshavn during your holiday in the Faroe Islands.

Day 2
Mykines package

Mykines Island

On your second day, you will do a day tour to the most talked about experience in the Faroe Islands: Mykines! You will have a whole day in company of the amazingly cute Atlantic puffins.

There are no cars at all on the island Mykines. You will park your car in the village Sørvágur near the airport and take the 45 minutes ferry to Mykines. Ferry ticket is included in this day tour as well as a guided tour in Mykines and a packed lunch that travellers love.

Day 3

Golden Circle

Start your day by driving northbound. You will visit three unbelievable villages on the two main islands Streymoy and Eysturoy.

You can spend as much time at each attraction as you prefer. In Saksun you will have an awe-inspiring view of the tidal lagoon and the picturesque turf roofed church. Tjørnuvík is next on schedule and finally Gjógv.

Day 4
Suðuroy Package

Suðuroy Island

Today it is time to take the ferry to the most southernly island Suðuroy. The ferry ride from Tórshavn will take you to exceptional nature on Suðuroy.

You will witness an unparalleled coastline on the west side of the island reachable in your vehicle. From the southernmost tip of the Faroe Islands and the Akraberg lighthouse there to the sea-stack Ásmundarstakkur in the northernly part of the island, Suðuroy is a natural wonder.

You will take the ferry back from the Drelsne ferry port in the evening. After a ywo hours ferry ride, you are back in the capital, Tórshavn.

Day 5
Drangarnir Package

Drangarnir & Vágar Island

On day five, you will drive west to the spectacular island Vágar. The highlight of the day is a boat tour to the sea arch Drangarnir.

The boat tour departing from Sørvágur is included in this package. You will meet the captain at the harbour in Sørvágur at 10:30am. You will now be taken on an exceptional experience in nature. The duration of the tour will be one hour or so.

After the amazing boat experience, head to the village Gásadalur. Here you will get close to the Múlafossur waterfall that drops into the Atlantic Ocean.

Day 6
Kalsoy Package

Kalsoy Island

On your sixth day, you will start travelling north to the undiscovered island Kalsoy. After a short ferry ride from Borðoy island, you will enter the island that will bring you top attractions such as Kallur Lighthouse and the turfed houses in the village Mikladalur.

Kalsoy has so much to offer so you will use the day exploring the best sights here. A tour guide will be ready for you, when you reach the northernmost village Trøllanes. From here, you will do a one hour hike that will take you to the breathtakingly beautiful view at Kallurin.

You will take the boat back to Borðoy island in the afternoon. Now, head back to your hotel in Tórshavn.

Day 7
Vestmanna Package

The Vestmanna Sea Cliffs

On your seventh day, you will experience the breathtaking cliffs north of Vestmanna. Take your car to the village Vestmanna and get ready for a two hours boat tour to sheer cliffs and caves.

Vestmanna lies on the same island as your hotel. You will drive in the mountains for 40 minutes before entering the village Vestmanna in amphitheatrical settings.

The boat tour to the cliffs north of Vestmanna is included in this package. You will join the captain on his tour to the cliffs departing at 14:15pm from the harbour in Vestmanna. You will be amazed the scenery and all the wildlife that you will explore here.

Day 8

The Northern Islands

The driving on day eight will take you to the northernmost part of the Faroe islands. You will drive through narrow yet safe tunnels to experience stunning landscapes.

One of the main attractions of the day is the village Viðareiði in absolutely fabulous surroundings. Enjoy the ocean view from the church in the village. Other highlights on this day is the island Kunoy reachable in your car due to two embarkments connecting Viðoy island to Borðoy island and another one connecting Borðoy island to Kunoy island.

At the end of the day, drive back to Tórshavn. There is so much to see in the northern part of the Faroe Islands so expect to arrive late in Tórshavn.

Day 9

Historic Settlements in Kirkjubøur

Use your ninth day to dig into the history of the Faroe islands. Drive from your hotel to the westside of the island Streymoy. Here you will find the historical village Kirkjubøur with some of the most important historical buildings in the Faroe Islands.

Dig into the hearth of the Faroese heritage Kirkjubø. This is the best place to discover some of the past legends in the Faroe Islands. You will see the ruins of a rock cathedral and you can have a look inside the oldest church in the Faroe Islands dating back to the 11th Century.

Day 10
Vágar Airport

Farewell to Faroe Islands

It is time to say farewell to the Faroe Islands. Drive from your hotel taking the mountain road when leaving Tórshavn and heading to the airport.

If you leave late, you will have time for some extra sightseeing on Vágar island. Revisit the spectacular waterfall in Gásadalur only a 20 minutes drive from the airport.

Now it is time to drop off your car at Vágar Airport before departing the Faroe Islands. Enjoy your flight and "síggjast" - see you soon!


What to bring

Driver's License
Warm clothes
Hiking shoes


See our accommodation level below. Guide to Faroe Islands will secure you the best available accommodation at the time of booking from our preferred partners.


Rooms with private bathroom in four star hotel. Close to Tórshavn downtown. Breakfast is included.


Rooms with private bathroom in a four star hotel with panoramic view over Tórshavn. Breakfast is included.

Car Rental

Below you can see your car rental options available for this self drive tour. All our vehicles are new or current models, maximum three years of age. Self Risk Insurance is included.


A small 2WD vehicle fit for basic travelling in everyday conditions, such as VW UP.


A medium 4WD car great for exploring fjords and narrow roads. This car will be a VW Golf or similar.

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