4 Days Summer Package | Faroe Islands Highlights
4 Days Summer Package | Faroe Islands Highlights
4 Day Winter Package | Best of Faroe Islands
4 Day Winter Package | Best of Faroe Islands
4 Days Summer Package | The Classic Faroe Islands Tours
4 Days Summer Package | The Classic Faroe Islands Tours
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6 Days Summer Package | Complete Faroe Islands Experience

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Secure yourself a six days summer package in the Faroe Islands. You will visit the most popular sights during your stay including the puffin island Mykines and the tiny settlement Saksun and majestic waterfalls such as Fossá Waterfall and Múlafossur Waterfall in Gásadalur. 

Booking this package tour makes your Faroe Island vacation stress-free and seamless. There are six day tours included in this nature packed summer package for those wanting to travel the Faroe Islands with ease. This vacation package is made especially for those first-time travellers to the unspoiled North Atlantic archipelago.

Tours are up to 18 people per tour. This allows for an intimate and hospitable setting. 

All tours are planned and organised in advance ensuring you to get the full grasp of the best attractions in the untouched Faroe Islands. This extraordinary package tour in the Faroe Islands will let you explore with no hassle and alleviate lot of the headache when planning tours and activities on your holiday. 

Experienced tour guides will pick you up at hotels in Tórshavn or other designated pick-up location in the capital. Your adventure will start every morning when you step aboard a comfortable coach. Simply sit back and relax as your tour guide takes you to the fantastic sceneries around the islands. You will be back in Tórshavn every afternoon after your amazing day trips. 

So, you will see beautiful seaside villages, remote islands, and captivating mountains. One of the absolute highlights of this package tour is a day trip to Mykines Island where you will experience all the puffins. You will also go on boat trips in narrow straits, watch birdlife and sheer cliffs, and impressive rock formations from the sea. 

This package will make your journey an ease. Inform yourself about the full itinerary below. 

What are you waiting for? Escape the crowds for a while and embrace the unspoiled beauty in the Faroe Islands by booking this essential package tour. Check availability by choosing a date.

Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: Apr. - Aug.
  • Duration: 6 days
  • Activities: Hiking, Sightseeing, Boat Trip, Cultural Activity, Bird Watching, Dinner
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Languages: English
  • Attractions: Múlafossur, Drangarnir, Mykines, Gjógv, Saksun, Vestmanna Bird Cliffs, Leynar, Gasadalur, Trælanípan (Slave Cliff), Bøur, Sandavágur, Kalsoy, Kópakonan, Klaksvík, Hestur, Eiði, Funningur, Kvívík, Tórshavn, Streymoy, Vestmanna, Oyggjarvegur, Norðradalur, Trøllanes, Mikladalur, Vágar, Viðareiði, Syðradalur (K), Tjørnuvík, Mykineshólmur, Hvalvík, Koltur, Bøsdalafossur waterfall, Suðuroy, Leitisvatn, Tindhólmur, Dúvugarðar, Fossá Waterfall, Eysturoy, Kunoy, Borðoy, Risin & Kellingin, Mjørkadalur Prison
Pickup information:
  • Pickup time : 08:30. 09:00,

Pick Up Times Monday - Wednesday: Mark Guesthouse: 08.15 62N Guesthouse Marknagil: 08.15 62N Hotel: Please walk down to Hotel Tórshavn (150 meters) Hotel Tórshavn: 08.25 (Main Meeting Point) Hotel Hafnia: 08.30 Farstøðin - Main Bus Terminal: 08.35 Hotel Streym: 08.35 Hotel Havgrím: 08.35 Campsite Yviri Við Strond: 08.35 Hilton Garden Inn: 08.40 Hotel Brandan: 08.50 Hotel Føroyar: 09.00 Pick Up Times Thursday: Mark Guesthouse: 07.15 62N Guesthouse Marknagil: 07.15 62N Hotel: Please walk down to Hotel Tórshavn (150 meters) Hotel Tórshavn: 07.25 (Main Meeting Point) Hotel Hafnia: 07.30 Farstøðin - Main Bus Terminal: 07.35 Hotel Streym: 07.35 Hotel Havgrím: 07.35 Campsite Yviri Við Strond: 07.35 Hilton Garden Inn: 07.40 Hotel Brandan: 08.50 Hotel Føroyar: 08.00   No tour on Sunday
  • Local Tour Guide

  • Transport

  • Free WiFi in coach

  • Packed Lunches

  • Beverages

  • Pickup and drop-off in Tórshavn

  • Dinner in Mykines

  • All ferry tickets

  • Small group tour (max 18 people)

  • Hiking fees

  • And Transfers and fees

  • Visit local Mykines home

  • Transport from and to airport

  • Accommodation

What to bring:
  • Good walking boots

  • Wind proof jacket

  • Camera

Good to know:

This tour runs on a fixed schedule, so If you arrive in the Faroe Islands on any other day than Monday do not hesitate to book this tour as you will then start with the tour that is on schedule on your preferred first day. The day tours run on fixed schedules from Mondays to Saturdays, and no tours are running on Sundays.

You can choose your preferred first day and join the tours from there. If your first day is let's say a Wednesday (day 1), then Thursday will be (day 2), Friday (day 3), Saturday (day 4), Sunday (no tour), Monday (day 5) and finally Tuesday (day 6).

Daily itinerary

Day 1 - Golden Circle - Saksun, Tjørnuvík, Gjógv


Monday. Get ready for a day tour to the remote villages Saksun, Tjørnuvík, and Gjógv. First stop will be in the unique settlement in Saksun. This village is situated at the base of a fjord and flanked by the lush green mountains of Koppenni (790 m) and Melin (764 m). You will see the seawater lagoon, the beautiful old church, and the farm Dúvugarðar with stone walls and turf roofs.

The turf roofs are very practical and requires very little maintenance. The turf roofs protect many houses from wind and dampness. They change colour according to the season, turning brown in autumn, white in winter, and a blooming green in the spring and summer.

Next, you will head to Tjørnuvík. The route will take you through the valley from Saksun with ever-changing scenery along the Dalsá river with many small waterfalls. Before you reach Tjørnuvík, you will stop by Fossá Waterfall. After a rainy day, this tall waterfall will look impressive when you stand up close to the cascading water.

Tjørnuvík is the northernmost settlement on the Streymoy island. The village is situated in an isolated inlet with towering mountains and a beautiful beach. From the beach there is a fantastic view of the sea stacks Risin & Kellingin (The Giant and his Wife).

When you get to Eysturoy island, you will experience the view from the road on Slættaratindur the highest mountain in the Faroe islands from where you will see the zigzagging road to Funningur. Your last village visit will be the peaceful and picturesque Gjógv on the northernmost tip of Eysturoy island. The village is named after its amazing 200-metre gorge that runs out from the village.

You can add a hike to Slættaratindur to this day tour. If you do so, you will not experience Gjógv but instead reach the highest summit in the Faroe Islands.

At the end of the day, you will be dropped off in Tórshavn at your designated drop-of location. The coach ride from Eysturoy to the capital will take a bit more than one hour.

Day 2 - Mykines - the Puffin Island

6 Days Summer Package | Complete Faroe Islands Experience

Tuesday. Let your journey to the stunning island with all the puffins begin. This day tour will take you to the puffin island Mykines.

You will be picked up in Tórshavn in the morning and then head to Sørvágur. At the harbour in Sørvágur village you will jump onboard the ferry to Mykines island. The ferry ticket to Mykines is included in the package so you will always make it to Mykines.

When you get to Mykines with the ferry, you will walk one hundred metre steps above the harbour pier. Here is the only settlement on the island. The coastal village is dotted with colourful timber and turf roof houses. During winter there are only 10 villagers in Mykines. During summer there will never be more than 200 people gathered on this island at the same time.

Hundred of thousands of birds nest on Mykines island every summer. You will get close to puffins on your way to the breathtaking lighthouse at the end of Mykineshólmur islet which you will reach after an hour of hiking from the village.

When back in the village, you will have dinner. The dinner is included in the package. After dinner, you will take the boat back to Sørvágur on the mainland and then a coach driver will take you back to Tórshavn.

Day 3 - The Northern Islands

6 Days Summer Package | Complete Faroe Islands Experience

Wednesday. Today, you will head north to the northernmost islands in the Faroe Islands. During this day tour you will see six of the islands in the Faroe Islands.

You first stop will be in Klaksvík, the second largest town in the Faroe Islands. The town is significantly influenced by the fishing culture. Expect to see lots of fishing vessels on the harbour.

You will also take a 20 minutes ferry ride to the elongated island Kalsoy. On Kalsoy you will drive through numerous tunnels and explore small coastal villages and the Kópakonan (the Seal Woman) in the village Mikladalur. You will be told the folklore story about the statue which stands alone on rocky basalt ground by the seaside.

You can add a hike to the famous attraction Kallur as a part of the Kalsoy island experience. If you do so, you will not see the Seal Woman in Mikladalur but instead you will have breathtaking views from Kallur after hiking for one hour.

This day tour will also take you to the island Kunoy and the village on the island bearing the islands name. Kunoy has the most rocky topography in the Faroe Islands. The village Kunoy has a fabulous location at the foot of sheer basalt cliffs facing the sea on the west coast. Kunoy is home to a picturesque church with red-roof.

After visiting Kunoy, you will take a last stop on this day. This stop will take you further north to experience the mountain peaks in the village Viðareið.

Viðareiði is the northernmost village in the Faroe Islands. The landscape is open and most time there is a refreshing wind that has inspired many landscape photographers.

Now, you will head back to Tórshavn. You will be dropped off in Tórshavn 90 minutes after leaving the village Viðareiði.

Day 4 - Suðuroy Island


Thursday. Prepare yourself for an amazing day tour to the most southernly island Suðuroy. This undiscovered island has so much nature to offer and you will explore some of the best sights on the island.

After being picked up in Tórshavn, you will take a two hours ferry to Drelnes on Suðuroy. Now, your adventure on this remote island will begin.

You will get back to Streymoy island with the ferry M/S Smyril. The ferry ride takes two hours. Then, you will be dropped off in Tórshavn.

Day 5 - Vestmanna Sea Cliffs

Vestmanna Bird Cliffs

Friday. Get ready for a fantastic day tour to Vestmannabjørgini where you will see sheer cliffs and wild birdlife. This day tour includes a two hour boat trip.

You will be transported from Tórshavn to the village Vestmanna. On your boat tour to Vestmanna Sea Cliffs expect to see a rich birdlife. The tour is a popular experience among travellers as you will be surrounded by sheer basal walls, sea stacks and grottoes.

While in the boat, you will be entirely enveloped in sounds of birds, water droplets, and crashing waves. This is an unbelievable experience.

On your way back to Tórshavn, you will stop by the old settlement in Kvívík and you will also see the beach village Leynar. You will be dropped off in Tórshavn at your designated drop-of point.

Day 6 - Vágar Island


Saturday. Explore all the must-see attractions on Vagar Island. This day tour includes a visit to Múlafossur Waterfall in Gásadalur and a beautiful view of the islet Tindhólmur from the village Bøur. You will also see the rack formation Drangarnir from this turf roof village.

This day tour will stimulate all your senses. You will be picked up in Tórshavn and go west under an undersea tunnel to reach Lake Leitisvatn. You can choose an add-on here and hike for an hour to get to Trælanípan. This is where you will see the lake hanging above the ocean.

From Trælanípan there is just a short hike to Bøsdalafossur Waterfall, one of the famous sights in the Faroe Islands. Here you will see the water from Lake Leitisvatn drop directly into the North Atlantic Ocean.

The tour will take you to the charming village Bøur before getting to Gásadalur. In this remote village you will see the amazing Múlafossur Waterfall.

When you have experienced the waterfall in Gásadalur, you will head back to Tórshavn. You will be dropped off at your designated dropof location in the capital.



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Firstly, Faroe Island is simply breathtaking, magnificent and awe-inspiring. Magnus and the team at MMTour was simply amazing! Tours were great with lots of random photo stops along the way, usually extremely photogenic places. Harry was knowledgable and had a really good sense of humour, with his nugget of information about statistics of Faroe, the tunnels, and the language. Jógvan was brilliant, extremely bright and knowledgable on vast topics ranging from history of Faroe and Viking, topics on how Christianity came into Faroe, geography of the landscape as well as the myths, mythologies and stories of Faroe. Absolutely a delight to hear those stories! Ultimately Magnus and the team was really hospitable and engaging throughout the tour, trying to be more personable by chatting and getting to know almost each and everyone of the people on the tour. Great job guys and thank you for making my Faroe trip so memorable!
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Dear Shazilla I am so pleased to hear that you throughout enjoyed your experiences in the Faroe Islands, and i want to thank you for writing us this kind review, it means the world to us! Get back here soon :) Magnus
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In 6 days tour I met 3 guides, all gifted, caring, restless, curious, funny and knowledgeable. Couldn't ask for more. Only one rainy day and one misty. I've been lucky even with the weather. Go see the islands with MM Tours, you won't be disappointed ;)
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Our 6 days tour with the amazing MM tours was something that we will remember for the rest of our lives. The places we visited, the activities that we had, the photographs and memories that we took with us, would not be so unforgettable if it were not for our wonderful guides. So thank you Magnus, Harry, Jógvan , Hans and Óli for treating us like a family and making this trip a once in a lifetime experience.
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Amazingly fantastic! Hightly recommend it
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We did spend a good time in the Faroe Islands. The highlight of this tour was the Golden Circle, after walking the path at Saksun, the panorama view at Dúvugarðar is amazing! And also the part of hiking to Kallur lighthouse, every step with a stunning view! I did take a lot of good pictures too! Definitely suitable for those who love taking pictures, or hiking for sure!
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Overall it was a wonderful experience to travel with MM tour. I had a very good impression on the Faroe Islands. The views was spectular and I saw what I had expected to see in the 6-day summer package tour. All the popular scenic spots are included in the package and it seems that I could travel around the Islands at ease. The staff did listen to guests' opinion and offered different options for our lunch. I had three different guides in my tour and they are all knowledgable, professional and responsible. Some even have a sense of humour. The mini coach is a good way to travel on the islands but it was a bit too crowded when it was full. I found it quite uncomfortable when there was someone sitting next to me. The add-on hikes are truly worth it but it will be much better if guests have ample time to enjoy the views and take photos there.
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