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Information about Suðuroy

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Suðuroy is the southernmost of the 18 Faroe Islands. Many people come to Suðuroy to enjoy the picturesque villages of Sandvík, Famjin, and Sumba.

You will experiencing outstanding views when driving around the island. There are great options for hikes in the mountains. The west coast on the island is especially impressive.

The highest mountain here rises 610 metres from sea level. The mountain is called Gluggarnir.

In order to reach Suðuroy island, you will sail from the capital, Tórshavn on Streymoy island. There are between 2-3 daily departures to Suðuroy island from Tórshavn with the ferry SMYRIL. You will pass stunning islands along the route. The most remarkable islands being Lítla Dímun and Stóra Dímun.

The ferry docks in the Trongisvágsfjørður fjord, which is centrally located on Suðuroy island. From here you can either explore the island independently in a car or by public bus. Alternatively, you can also join a guided tour on the island.

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