Where to stay in the Faroe Islands

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Accommodation in the Faroe IslandsWhere can I find hotels in Faroe Islands? Where can I stay in the Faroe Islands. Use this article to find the accommodation in the Faroe Islands that best suits your preferences; cheap, comfort or luxury.

There are several different possibilities when you are looking for where to stay in the Faroe Islands. You can choose between these possibilities:

  • Hotels
  • Camp sites
  • Hostels
  • B&B
  • Apartments

FossáThe Faroe Islands offers breathtaking sights wherever you look. Photo by @samucrds_ on Instagram.

The first thing you should make up with yourself is whether you prefer to stay in or near the Tórshavn area, or whether you find it more fulfilling getting away from it all.

Hotels in the Faroe Islands and guesthouses

There are hotels and guesthouses to suit all tastes and budgets, from the most luxurious to the simple and sufficient. Find an overview of the best hotels in the Faroe Islands. Most hotels in the Faroe Islands are in the capital Tórshavn. However, you can also stay at Hotel Vagar just beside the only airport in the Faroe Islands or you can stay in the northernmost village in the Faroe Islands, Viðareiði.   

Camping sites in the Faroe Islands

Your stay in the Faroe Islands need not be expensive. In the summer most locals go camping in the Faroe Islands and we recommend you do too. Sleeping on soft ground is rewarding and enhances your experience of the beautiful nature in the Faroe Islands.

Camping sites are usually situated in beautiful places, they're fun - usually have a barbeque for public use, clean bathroom facilities, and some even have showers and washing machines.

There are several camping sites in the Fareo Islands.

Hostels in the Faroe Islands

There are two hostels in the Faroe Islands Guesthouse Marknagil in Tórshavn and Giljanes in Sandavágur.

Bed & Breakfast in the Faroe Islands and cottages

Akraberg houseTidy house in Akraberg, which is the southernmost point in the Faroe Islands. Photo by Julia Pylak also known as @letsgoto_pl on Instagram.

For a more personal feel of the Faroe Islands people choose bed and breakfast.

Apartments for rent in the Faroe Islands

GásadalurA traditional house in the Faroe Islands. Photo by Mayank Thammalla known as @mayankt on Instagram.

For apartments take a look at Airbnb. Many locals have their apartments listed there. One of the great things about Airbnb in the Faroe Islands is the vast amount of apartments that can be found across the entire country. Many apartments come with breathtaking views.