Information about Drangarnir

This spectacular rock formation with the iconic hole in it is located off the island of Vágar towards the visually dramatic islet of Tindholmur. Drangarnir translates directly to "The sea stacks" and the two sea stacks that together form Drangarnir are called Stóri Drangur or "Large sea stack" and Lítli Drangur or "Small sea stack". You can either experience Dangarnir at a distance in the village Bøur or get close to the attraction in a boat. 

Drangarnir archThe sea arch Drangarnir seen just before sunset.

Travellers will also pass the sea arch when heading west to the island Mykines from the village Sørvágur. The sea can be rough around the sea-stacks but on most days small boats can sail through the arch.

The hike to Drangarnar is difficult. Most people are not interested in hiking to Drangarnar because it takes a whole day and it is quite challenging, especially the fact that your feet are bent in the same angle for about 3 hours straight each way.


Boat tours to Drangarnir departs from the village Sørvágur on Vágar island. The boat ride from the harbour in Sørvágur takes approximately 10 minutes. Book your boat tour to Drangarnir

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