5 Reasons to Visit Faroe Islands

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Is a trip to the Faroe Islands worth it? What are the best reasons to start planning a journey to the Nordic archipelago with an unbelievable coastal scenery? Continue reading and learn about 5 reasons to visit the Faroe Islands.

Travellers say the Faroe Islands is the paradise of the Arctic North. A visit to the Faroe Islands will leave people with exhilarating experiences in wide-open spaces. 

If nature is close to your heart, the Faroe Islands is your choice. Here are some of the most wonderful nature sites that are totally worth a visit and that you should tick off your bucket list while in the Faroe Islands.

1. Mykines

Puffin in MykinesThe Atlantic Puffin can be found on several islands. Most puffins are gathered on the westernmost island Mykines. Photo by Victoria Ostapova also know as @vialma on Instagram.

Mykines is the westernmost island in the Faroe Islands and one of the top wildlife destinations in the world. Visiting this island is a truly special experience.

After sailing or going by helicopter to the island, we recommend you to hike from the old village with turf-roofed houses to the islet of Mykineshólmur. This trek certainly demonstrates the stunning beauty of nature. You can either do the hike on your own or join a guided Mykines tour in order to reach the spectacular scenery on Mykineshólmur. 

Wildlife lovers will be delighted to spy out puffins stepping into their burrows where the young ones are waiting for fresh food carried by parents in their beak. From early May to late August you will with certainty see puffins on your Mykines tour.

There are tens of thousands puffins on Mykines. This bird can beat its wings up to 400 times per minute.

You will be surrounded by majestic views and cute puffins. The hike from the tidy village in Mykines to the lighthouse takes one and a half hour. Mykines is the most accessible seabird colony in the Faroe Islands.

The scenic beauty on Mykines and the islet Mykineshólmur leaves travellers speechless. There are plenty of great photo opportunities when hiking from the village to the lighthouse. You can do the tour to Mykines between 1 May until 31 August.

The easiest way to get to the puffin island is to take the Mykines ferry departing from Sørvágur. Along the ferry ride from Sørvágur to Mykines, you will sail close to the Drangarnir sea arch and the spiky Tindhólmur islet.

You can take the Mykines helicopter from Sørvágur. But you can only do the helicopter tour one way. You will have to take the boat the opposite way.

2. Saksun

SaksunAn excursion to Saksun is one of the best things to do in the Faroe islands. Enjoy the tranquility in this remote village. Photo by Victoria Ostapova also know as @vialma on Instagram.

After a thrilling drive on a winding one-lane road, you will arrive at this truly magical place. The isolated turf-roofed house down by the seaside looking over the small round bay crowned by majestic mountains with waterfalls tumbling down sheer cliffs is a sight taken out of a fairy tale.

The setting changes with the seasons: from the snowy whites of winter, to the fiery yellow grass of autumn, and intense green in summer, the shore of this beautiful bay takes you for a scenic walk by day and stargazing at night.

Remember to go for a walk by the shore out to sea when the tide is low. Saksun is a must-see place in the Faroe Islands.

3. Norðradalur

NorðradalurThe winding path leading to the village Norðradalur. The lonely island out there is called Koltur. Photo by Raul Gomez Fernandez know as @raulhudson1986 on Instagram.

The road leading to Norðradalur is made for adventures. Before taking the tour down the hillside, stop at the highest point Norðradalsskarð. Take a minute and simply enjoy the spectacular view.

Below in the stunning valley lies the little village surrounded by steep mountains that create the iconic frame around the lonely island of Koltur in the horizon. There are only 12 people living in the small village.

When in Norðradalur, you’ll hear the waves push through layered rocks carved by the wind and salty sea. Try closing your eyes for a moment and benefit from the stillness of nature.

Norðradalur is only 15 minutes' drive from the capital Tórshavn. Biking to Norðradalur is also a great way to enjoy the beauty of this place.

4. Drangarnir

DrangarnirDrangarnir Sea Arch seen from Vagar island. The best way to experience Drangarnir is by joining a boat tour to the attraction. Photo by Victoria Ostapova also know as @vialma on Instagram.

Any nature lover is going to appreciate the brilliance of these fantastic sea stacks. Drangarnir is one of the most well-known places in the Faroe Islands.

The hike to Drangarnir is not for the faint-hearted, but those who do push through will be rewarded with a stark landscape rich in natural beauty. You can also see Drangarnir from the nearby village Bøur. The absolute best way to experience Drangarnir is by going on a boat tour to this natural wonder.

5. Gjógv

GjógvYou can walk down to the gorge in Gjógv by following the stairs. Photo by Victoria Ostapova also know as @vialma on Instagram.

Almost as far north as you can get on the island of Eysturoy, you'll find Gjógv – a peaceful place with a timeless and untouched quality. Gjógv offers many opportunities for nature lovers to explore an old village, and you can go for a hike in the beautiful surroundings.

Go down the stone steps to the loud and sea-filled gorge that leads from the village into the ocean. When in Gjógv, you can also go for a longer hike to the stunning valley Ambadalur.

No matter where you go in the Faroe Islands, you will be overwhelmed by stunning beauty. For nature lovers, there's a whole heap of spots to add to your personal bucket list. Sights that will create unique memories for life.

One of the best ways to explore the Faroe Islands is by car accompanied by one of our knowledgeable local guide. Book a guided tour in the Faroe Islands right away.