How long does it take to get to the Faroe Islands on a plane? And from where can you take a flight to the Faroe Islands?

Flights to Faroe IslandsMany curious people planning to visit the Faroe Islands wonder how to get to Faroe Islands by air. Well, two airline companies fly to Faroe Islands. You can choose between SAS and the local Atlantic Airways.

SAS has daily departures from Copenhagen. Atlantic has daily departures from Copenhagen and besides that you can fly with Atlantic Airways to the Faroe Islands from these destinations:

  • Edinburgh
  • Reykjavik
  • Barcelona
  • Lisbon
  • Billund

When coming to the Faroe Islands from the European mainland, the easiest way to get to the Faroe Islands is via Copenhagen due to the daily departures and the various opportunities for connecting flights.

Atlantic Airways

One of Atlantic Airway's plane ready for landing in the Faroe Islands.

Coming from North America

When you are planning your travel to the Faroe Islands from North America, we recommend you to take one of the many direct flights from North America to Iceland. Atlantic Airways has three weekly flights from Iceland to the Faroe Islands during summer and two weekly departures during the winter season.

Flight time

The flight from Iceland to the Faroe Islands will take you less than one and a half hour. That is why it has become increasingly popular to visit Faroe Islands after a stay in Iceland as a part of your North Atlantic experience.

Flights to Faroe Islands

This is the only airport in the Faroe Islands. The facilities have improved immensely in recent years.

Here you can see how long it takes to fly to the Faroe Islands from various places.

  • Reykjavík, 1h 20m
  • Edinburgh, 1h 25m
  • Copenhagen, 2h
  • Billund, 2h 15m
  • Barcelona, 3h 50m
  • Lisbon, 3h 35m

All airplanes in the Faroe Islands arrive at Vagar Airport as there is only one airport in the Faroe Islands.

When your plane has landed in Vágar, we recommend you to buy some local beer by the brewery Okkara in the duty free area. They are much cheaper than in stores. The brewing company has several beer types on the shelves at the airport. Be well prepared and check Okkara's range of beer before take off.

Approaching Vagar Airport is always rewarding. You will see the beautiful islands nestled in the Atlantic Ocean from your airplane window. 

When traveling to the Faroe Islands, remember to bring your passport - and stay awake upon arrival in the Faroe Islands as you will see the fantastic landscape through the airplane window.

The Faroe Islands are on many travellers' to-to list. Here are some of the most popular tours and attractions for you to visit while in the Faroe Islands: