There are breathtaking sceneries in all parts of the untouched nature of the Faroe Islands. Below you will find four places that tourists visiting the Faroe Islands should give themselves time to explore.

1. Trælanípan

The famous lake overlooking the ocean is one of the most unbelievable sights you’ll see in your life. The hike to the cliff takes an hour. You’ll see waves crashing into the craggy cliffs below.

You’ll see the mountains and the spectacular view of the lake. It looks as if the lake is floating way above the Atlantic Ocean.

You will understand and respect nature more deeply when standing at the edge overlooking Trælanípan.

2. Kallur Lighthouse

This is an amazing place which fully embraces the beauty of the vast North Atlantic Ocean. Together with the 100-year-old lighthouse and surrounded by rough cliffs clad in layers of green grass, Kallur spikes toward a sky so blue it seems to merge with the sea.

This famous sight sits on the northern peak of the island of Kalsoy. The hike to Kallur is a 2.4 mile trek and offers scenic views of the Northern Islands and the island of Eysturoy.

Hiking to this remote place on earth is a high point for every visitor. You can’t get closer to real nature than standing at Kallurin and embracing the beautiful view from this stunning place in the Faroe Islands.

The view is absolutely breathtaking and that is why this is a main hiking attraction in the Faroe Islands.

At Kallur Lighthouse, you are standing on a high cliff and you’ll see thousands of birds fly around you. Kallurin is a must-see experience. 

In order to hike to Kallur Lighthouse, you need a guide.

3. Drangarnir

4 must-see places in the Faroe Islands
These rocky stacks are a fast growing attraction. Visitors want to see these arched sea stacks surrounded by salty ocean and with a steep island behind them.

The scenery is stunning and its beauty will blow you away.

The trek to Drangarnir will take between one and two hours to walk. You can soak in the scenery no matter how the weather is – if it’s raining or if it’s windy with sunny spells. This is a place worth visiting all year around.

4. Múlafossur

4 must-see places in the Faroe Islands
This remote waterfall plunges into the sea surrounded by coastal cliffs and stunning beauty. Just beside the waterfall is the village of Gásadalur covered by tender green fields and impressive mountains to all sides.

An iconic place that will stay in your mind forever. You can always book a guided tour to Múlafossur.